Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Charles and Di's 'secret daughter'

Charles and Di's 'secret daughter': Wills and Harry are claimed to have an IVF sister living in hiding according to outlandish story gripping US... so is there a single scrap of evidence?

  • American tabloid claims 'Sarah' is Charles and Diana's IVF daughter
  • Says she is the result of a fertilised embryo implanted into doctor's wife 
  • Globe goes as far as to claim Kate had a '44 minute' meeting with 'Sarah'
  • Ridiculous tale has even caught the attention of the Spanish media 

Tall tales: A story circulating in the U.S. media claims Diana and Charles had a secret daughter - although not quite in the way one would expect
Tall tales: A story circulating in the U.S. media claims Diana and Charles had a secret daughter - although not quite in the way one would expect
This weekend, the nation is poised to celebrate the birth of a new royal baby. The Duchess of Cambridge, having already provided us with the heir — a bonny future king in the person of Prince George — is about to complete her dynastic duty by delivering ‘the spare’.

Under the terms of the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, which now allows females the same priority in the order of succession as males, the new baby, even if it is a girl — as William and Kate are rumoured to be hoping — will be fourth in line to the throne, after Charles, William and George, and will maintain that position regardless of the birth of future sons to the Cambridges.

But is this really the case? Certainly not if you pay attention to sensational and scandalous claims that have been circulating in the U.S., and are now making headlines in Spain and other parts of Europe.

Prepare to suspend your disbelief for a moment. For it is alleged that Prince William was not his mother’s first child: that he has a ‘secret sister’, now 33, called Sarah and living incognito in a small New England town in the United States.
How, you may well wonder, can this possibly be true when William was born in June 1982, only 11 months after his parents’ marriage?

The answer, according to this unbelievable claim, is that in December 1980, Lady Diana Spencer, then a 19-year-old virgin, was ordered by the Queen to undergo gynaecological tests to establish that she was capable of bearing children before her engagement to the heir to the throne could be announced.

During these tests, so the story goes, Diana’s eggs were harvested and fertilised with Prince Charles’s sperm. The tests proved successful, and the engagement of Charles and Diana was duly announced. Charles, asked if they were in love, responded with his famously cynical observation, ‘Whatever in love means’ — and the embryos were ordered to be destroyed.

But one of the team who examined Diana, a ‘rogue doctor’, secretly held one of the embryos back and implanted it in his own wife. Unknown to her, she became the surrogate mother of the biological child of Charles and Diana.

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