Thursday, July 14, 2016

Joseph Burg (Jew who stated there were NO gas chambers at Auschwitz)

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During the 1990’s, several Jewish survivors of Auschwitz testified that they knew nothing of any “gas chambers” – with one man claiming the “gas chamber” story was a propaganda myth.
After testifying in defense of Canadian "Holocaust Denier" Ernst Zundel; three-year Auschwitz inmate and noted writer Joseph Burg was disowned from the Jewish community for stating that there were "no gas chambers" at Auschwitz. When Burg died, Zundel had to have him buried at a Catholic Cemetery.
Image 1: Auschwitz inmate Joseph Burg (white beard) insisted: "no gas chambers".
Image 2: Upon being liberated in 1945, female Jewish survivors of the Dachau internment camp (interned as a wartime security precaution because most Jews supported the war against Germany) look none the worse for wear. Some had even just given birth to healthy babies!


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