Thursday, March 30, 2017

UBER and You Are Out

Uber and You Are Out

Uber has certainly revolutionized the taxi and “for hire” industries. It has made going from point A to point B a little more interesting. In fact, your UBER driver could be anyone and eventually anything.

But what has and what will UBER ultimately accomplish? 

With driverless vehicles just around the technological corner, UBER is poised to take total control of the transportation industry. While “joe & mary public” can benefit and even earn a competitive wage, “joe and mary” are destined to become obsolete in the not to distant future.

UBER is building the ultimate technological platform in transportation services. Driverless, highly efficient and industry specific modes of transportation (vehicles, public transit, handicap-equipped units, delivery trucks etc) will all become automated.

In fact, if one applies common sense, UBER will not only offer a transportation platform/interface, but will ultimately own the very vehicles that will transport you and all forms of goods and services. Private ownership of vehicles over the next decade will become less and less necessary.

Driverless vehicles will substantially reduce the need for vehicle insurance, as the presumption is that these vehicles will avoid collisions and road hazards. Electric and hybrid vehicles will all require less and less mechanical repairs and the corner dealership may simply become a sales depot for UBER owned automobiles and trucks.

This technological revolution is impacting the motorcycle world as well. LIT Motors has created the perfect motorcycle - it can’t tip over no matter how hard it tries. It has developed some form of anti-gravitational mechanism which keeps the motorcycle erect at all times. This technology will allow most people to go two wheel driving ala UBER as well.

The greatest paradigm shift in 2000 years is upon us and no one is paying attention. We should not be focusing on jobs but rather how to elevate the human condition without destroying its main ingredient - humans. 

From neural lace, to CRISPR, to Chimeras, to trans-humanism, to nanotechnology, to synthetic DNA, to immortality and beyond Mankind will become the ultimate guinea pig. Agenda 2030 is just around the corner, and politicians are no different than the hookers standing at the same corner peddling their jollies.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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