Monday, April 10, 2017

Apostle's Mantle

The Apostle’s Mantle

Although every believer has rank to cast out devils, apostles walk and minister in the highest rank. Evil spirits and angels recognize this rank. Apostles are the spiritual commanders of the Church. “Commander,” as used in Isaiah 55:4, is the Hebrew word tsavah, meaning to command, send a message, to put or set in order. The Church needs apostolic leadership to help set the Church in order. They help organize and mobilize the believers into an army.

Apostles are standard-bearers – commanders who lift the standard and rally the army of God (see Isa. 59:19). An apostolic church is a church that is awesome or terrible, as an army with banners (see Song of Sol. 6:4,10). Apostolic churches strike fear into the kingdom of darkness.

Apostles have the ability as generals and commanders to mobilize the saints for war. Apostles rally the people of God. To rally means to bring to order again, to gather and organize anew. It is the ability to draw people together for action. Apostles are endued with the rank and authority to do this. They are leaders with the necessary grace, charisma and wisdom to lead the Church.

Apostolic ministry is a ministry of warfare. It entails commanding, mobilizing, rallying and gathering the army of God to challenge and pull down the strongholds of the enemy. The apostolic invades new territories and breaks through. It has the ability to go first. It is the first to encounter the spiritual resistance of the powers of darkness and the first to penetrate the barriers they erect. This ministry is absolutely necessary to keep the Church advancing toward the completion of the Great Commission.


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