Sunday, April 30, 2017

God, Humans and Artificial Intelligence

God, Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Humans as spiritual beings must have a connection to a God-Head, for they have employed God’s name to wreak death and destruction on His creation - better known as Mankind. Manufactured ideological and religious schisms have torn at the very fabric of creation, yet we continue to blame God for His non-interventionist position. Human consciousness is steering towards a spiritual empty shell - an egg filled with no yolk.

The irony is that humans, as the ones created, have now become so-called creators. While our Creator has remained an enigmatic mystery, Mankind’s creation, known as artificial intelligence, is staring at us right in the face. In today’s scenario, Michelangelo’s painting would have a human finger “touch” that of a robotized mechanical digit.

As God’s creation, we have managed to achieve a level of self-destruction and then insured that self-destruction by creating A.I. without absolutes. There are those amongst us who believe that A.I. can be controlled and contained, but such a conclusion is naive and optimistic. We need simply to compare God’s creation to A.I. and know that that which is created is destined to destroy its Creator and itself.

Each manifestation of creation which excludes the DNA of God will be met with an impenetrable wall of destruction. God’s fail-safe has no secret over-ride code. The lessen is that humans are not creators but rather witnesses to what can be possible in God’s dominion. Flesh and metal are simply vessels for the soul. To have chosen Satan as our mentor is ridiculous at best.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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