Tuesday, October 31, 2017

God's Weave

God’s Weave

The tribes of Man are fragmented by dogma
Each god rendering upon his faithful a unique stigmata
Inherent discord the pretext for our lingering sorrow
Filled with the hope that there will be a better tomorrow

What is it that Jesus said that one could find repulsive
Was His message of love unbecoming as He was a lunatic compulsive
Buddha sought enlightenment to overcome misery under a Bodhi tree
There the realization that truth alone would set Him free

What is it that the mortal mind endeavours to seek
Possibly a thirst for knowledge as the ancient Greek
Perhaps a fellowship that pacifies the warring clans
Or the manna that provides an everlasting life-span

We must not be as Azazel who learned not from falling
Love is not a work in progress but rather a calling
God’s weave is a wonderfully infinite and intricate hologram
Within it we are able to send love just like a telegram

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

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