Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Shooter

The Shooter

First the shooter must procure a gun
Self-anointed with the mindset of Attila the Hun
Then one would need a cache of bullets
Solely to satisfy the controller’s bully pulpits

Armed and ready for the preordained slaughter
Mossad provides the accompanying spotter
Chosen is the location where the victims would least expect
The shooter's camouflage fatigues emulate one of nature’s insects

Positioned at the apex of a notable tower
Or a low lying shrub calmly waiting as the innocent wallflower
Then aim without logic at the unsuspecting crowd
Or a notable critic whose head sadly remained in the cloud

Pull the trigger and the dirty deed is done
Next dispose of the heated gun
Then run for cover to a non-descript CIA safe house
There to be neutralized as the maddened louse

Mainstream media quickly broadcasts the fiction to the brainless horde
The unrelenting chaos anew is quickly restored
Baptized in repetition the fiction is sculpted in stone
Politicians fuel the rhetoric by enacting legislative cyclones

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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