Friday, November 17, 2017

Mausoleum Doors

Mausoleum Doors

Skeletons everywhere searching for body clones
Ghosts scurrying to find their long lost bones
Graveyard diggers confused by the cemetery brawl
Morticians paralyzed by the formaldehyde laced alcohol

Mother Mary aboard the clouds blowing the trombone
Jesus afoot assessing the owners of each gravestone
Archangel Michael guarding the graveyard gates
An impersonating Devil entering via altered states

Far away a crumbling cenotaph is guarded by a headless spook
Echoing eerily the Gospel according to Saint Luke
Mausoleum doors swinging angrily to and fro
Accounting for the murder of each aborted embryo

Celebrating are the piano keys at Preservation Hall 
Negro spirits liberated from the chains of the jew cabal
Buddha chanting in solemnity I will return
With tingshas clanging alongside his ancestral urn

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

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