Monday, November 13, 2017

You Are A Prophet Too

You Are A Prophet Too

The blood of the prophets scarred the Earth long ago
Each of their words shed enlightenment 
Each of their tears aroused the cauterized soil
Each of their footprints carved a path to salvation

What do you believe
Are you just a mass of flesh, water and bone
Extinguishable matter
The applause-seeking matador desiring only the kill

You walk among the masses as the Prophets once did
You are a witness to the same pain and suffering
You are a witness to the poverty and famine
You are a witness to the violence and hate

Must the lie be the epitaph that ornaments Man’s tomb
When the truth is all about you
We fight the same fight as the soldier in battle
Yet he is insulated from reality

We are more than human 
We are are seed of the Prophets
The inspiration that made God awake from His slumber
Arouse from your fear to know you are a prophet too

Do not sleep this good night
Rather pray that we survive our own evil
Pray that the Prophets will accept our forgiveness

Pray that God will have mercy on our souls

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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