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Five Sacred Mountains of China

The Five Sacred Mountains in China

The Five Sacred Mountains are five famous mountains in China. People always said "You will not want to see other mountains after you had visited the Five Sacred Mountains". Mount Tai is famous for its majestic, Mount Hua is famous for its precipitous, Hengshan Mountain is famous for its peaceful, Mount Song is famous for its steep and Mount Heng is famous for its elegant. Each of the Five Sacred Mountains has its own characteristics and they are all famous in the worldwide. The following is a brief introduction of the most widely known Five Sacred Mountains in China, which you can have a good knowledge of Chinese famous Five Sacred Mountains.
Mount Tai
Mount Tai, located in the east of North China Plain and the middle of Shandong Province, is a typical representative of the Chinese famous traditional mountains which have a long history and a special historic status. With a total area of 426 sq km, its highest peak is the Jade Emperor Peak, which is about 1,545 meters above sea level. Mt. Taishan is called "Chief of the Five Sacred Mountains" and "First Mountain under Heaven", it was listed as World Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO in Dec 1987.
Hengshan Mountain
Hengshan Mountain also known as Nan Yue, is located in Hengyang County, the middle part of Hunan Province. It is one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China, which extends 150 kilometers with 72 peaks in it. The highest peak in Hengshan Mountain is Zhurong Peak with an elevation of 1,290 meters above the sea level. There are 24 rocks, 12 caves, 7 ponds, 8 streams, 20 springs and 3 waterfalls in harmony with green forests and fragrant flowers and grass in Hengshan Mountain. At the foot of the mountain stands the largest temple in southern China, the Grand Temple of Hengshan Mountain, which covers an area of 100,000 square meters and is the largest group of ancient buildings in Hunan Province.
Mount Hua
Mount Hua, also known as Xiyue, is located in Huayin City, about 120 kilometers east from Xi'an City of Shaanxi Province, China. It is one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China, which was known as "The Number One Precipitous Mountain under Heaven". Mount Hua was divided into five main peaks (East, West, South, North, and Middle), of which the highest is the South Peak with its elevation of 2,155 meters above the sea level. Mount Hua is a Taoist mountain, which is famous for its natural vistas of steep and narrow paths, precipitous crags, and a high mountain range.
Mount Heng
Mount Heng, located in Hunyuan County of Shanxi Province in northern China, is one of the Five Sacred Mountains. Extending 150 kilometers with 108 peaks in it, Mount Heng has an average elevation of 2,017 meters, of which the highest peak Tianfeng Peak is 2,190 meters above sea level. Mount Heng is famous for steep ridges, splendid peaks, exotic-shaped temples, and gushing fountains.
Mount Song
Mount Song is located in the south bank of the Yellow River in northwest Henan Province, about 63 kilometers southwest of Zhengzhou City and 87 kilometers southeast of Luoyang City. Mount Song is one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China, which is well known as the home of the Shaolin Temple. It is stretches 60 kilometers from east to west, covers an area of 450 square kilometers. The highest peak of the Mount Song is Liantian Peak with its elevation of 1,512 meters above sea level. It was regarded as the "World Geological Park" by the Earth Science Department of UNESCO in February 2004.


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