Friday, January 12, 2018

Rebel Buccaneer - In Memory of "Simon Joseph Hajjar"

In memory of  Simon Hajjar - A very young Lasallian brother who passed away January 11, 2018.  Our life is not our own but our souls we truly own.

Rebel Buccaneer 

We walk this plane as mortal beings
Living and dying not truly knowing the reasons
Some die much too young
One last breathe taken from God’s measured lung
Some die when the body is fragile and weak
Eventually discarded like a crumbling antique

Our earthy avatars will draw sorrow when we depart
Leaving behind many a broken heart
Our cadavers will turn stiff as ancient timber
No longer will the flesh and bone be agile and limber
Our eyes will remain shut for time everlasting
The mouth will be subjected to eternal fasting

Buried below the frost line six foot deep
In a casket designed for comfort and sleep
Then encased in a protective concrete box
To preserve our remains remains the paradox
A headstone marks our final resting spot
A place to lay flowers for those who remain distraught

Death can never be an easy plight
No matter how great the fight our souls will take flight
Leaving behind only shadows and a memory
Becoming a requiem mass paid for in a church rectory
Be grateful for the time and mission here
And, remember to live your life as a rebel buccaneer 

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

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