Monday, March 19, 2018

How To Wield GOD-FORCE (Chi, Kundalini, Prana, Lux)

How To Wield GOD-FORCE

Dear Mage:

Rosicrucian lore explains we live in a vast ocean of vital life energy emanating from the
Sun and stars. Without this vital energy, no life on Earth could survive.

In the East, Taoist sages call this life force Chi. Ancient Tantric Masters called it Kundalini. The Gurus of Yoga call it Prana.  Here in the West, Hermetic Masters and Rosicrucian Magi call this energy LVX (pronounced Lux). Master Christ simply called it Life, and claimed we can all have this Life  energy in hitherto unknown abundance.

This LVX-Force has been known by initiates since the dawn of time. Although it has been
called by diverse names around the world, the best way to understand it - is just to call this divine life energy what it really is: GOD-FORCE!

GOD-FORCE energy is the fabric of the Universe. Blazing like galaxies of stars, GOD-FORCE energy flows within you and without you.

GOD-FORCE is the vital life energy that courses through every living thing, from the green
sap of plants to the life force in every cell of your body.

And guess what? You can have all you want of this vital life energy. It can bestow many things - from health and longevity to eternal conscious life - and best of all, GOD-FORCE energy is absolutely free!

GOD-FORCE energy is right here. All around you. Lots of it. Right now. All the time.

Unfortunately, we live in a completely materialistic culture. Not that there’s anything wrong
with materialism per se, but we also need spiritual life force to feed our energetic Soul. Your Mother taught you how to feed your physical body with material food. Why did no
one teach you how to feed your energetic Soul with GOD-FORCE?

Once you get a direct experience of GOD-FORCE energy, you will want to learn more. By strengthening your energy body so you can shine more and more GOD-FORCE, the Magick of Light awakens the sleeping powers of your Soul - Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Psychic Ability, Astral Projection, and ultimately, Conscious Immortality.

Once you learn to feed your energy body (Soul), you will see positive manifestations happen and occur, blockages begin to be removed and abundance as well as welcome opportunities in all forms start to appear for you.

The ancient prophecy of the Masters has come to pass. The Evil once defeated by the Magi and the Initiate-Adepts of Ra has again returned. There is no sugar coating this.

Our situation is dire. The human race has been betrayed!

It was Black Magician Aleister Crowley and his Thelema sex-cult followers who betrayed
humanity, when last century first Crowley, then his disciples Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard ripped open an interdimensional Portal, through which the ancient Evil has today again returned.

Every month when the Moon goes dark just before New Moon, Dark Entities rush through the Crowley-Parsons-Hubbard (CPH) portal; wave upon wave of a Evil army invading our Astral Plane from Dark dimensions beneath our own.

The forces of Darkness began to gather on the Astral again about one year ago now, and so far, despite our desperate circumstances, we have been holding our own against them.

For over a year, Magi of Light from the most diverse Spiritual traditions have faced down this evil as best we could!

The Angels have kept their Covenant with humanity and in our hour of need are coming to our aid as they always have for the Magi. Tonight, with Michael now providing now air support for our Cavalry with four full Angelic legions from above, we can finally go on the offense to dislodge the Dark Riders and hopefully drive them back through the portal.

Each month, we are a diverse and unorganized group of independent magicians, shamans, witches, Christian prayer warriors, etc. each working with their own magick, spells, drumming, prayers, etc. but all sharing the common intention to:

"Liberate Humanity From Bondage And Dark Enchantment"


In abundance, chivalry, and truth,
David Griffin
Rosicrucian Imperator LVX ex Septentrionis
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®

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