Monday, April 30, 2018

When does the number matter?

When does the number matter?

In many cases the number one is the loneliest number and the most consequential in terms of impact. The number becomes irrational when the double digit threshold is attained.  When the number reaches levels surpassing the thousands we start to ask questions but distance ourselves from the reality altogether. When in the millions we have been taught to believe in a number derived by fiction, and ignore the other millions who have been erased by design.

Is the number important or is it more than just numbers? Death greets humanity each and every day yet we have come to treat death as a taboo. Death’s calling is always that of a stranger. Death has no pity, mercy or compassion. It seeks only to terminate life. Death indoctrinates many warriors - the soldier, the assassin, disease, accident, hunger, poverty and cataclysm are but just a few of those warriors.

So what differentiates the soldier from the assassin, for they each take life. God does not call upon warriors to act upon His behalf, nor does He view a human’s baptism into eternity as a morbid circumstance.

Canada is a special place, for in its landscape there exists a ubiquitous goodness. We have integrated faith, colour and one’s ability into a garden of greater possibilities. Yet we know the garden, like all gardens, does succumb to weeds. Weeds arrive, just as death, without an understanding or warning. Weeds impact the blades of grass closest to it and the overall landscape. We then seek to eliminate the weed but seldom address the impact of the weed on the adjacent blades of grass. In other cases we simply let the weed flourish. 

Destiny and fate are not pre-ordained but rather engineered by the human condition. We are all part of an infinite hologram, and there are no exclusions. We are all a blade of grass as much as we are the weed.

The how and why are questions we ask, and even if we do, the answers rarely appear. Was it an ill-trained truck driver, a mentally-ill man driving a van or a drunk driver that brought us to prayer, or was it a corporatism, marginalization or a misunderstood illness? Could vaccines, GMO’s or Chem-trails have been the culprits or would that thought be considered extremism? Weeds grow when patches of the landscape become void of scrutiny or the gardener’s ambition is fertilized with malevolent undertakings.

Our religious leaders will quote psalms, poems and prayers but their influence is lost in the monotony of everyday life. Their words generally have no lasting impact. Tragic moments are limited by numbers that are measured in seconds, minutes, hours and sometimes days. The only people who remember for a life-time are the family and friends of the number who succumbs to the tragic end.

Vigils appear to have one common theme - that love will conquer hate. While we appeal for Godly intervention at home, thousands are dying in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine and in many other places throughout the world. We even allow the brethren of the killers to stand atop the pulpit and honour those who have fallen in our midst. God has no fixed address and the hologram has no boundaries. The small number of people subjected to misery at home are no different than the plague of agony experienced by those outside our borders.

While our political leaders pray alongside the bereaved in our peaceful settings, they are the same individuals who agree to drop bombs and create genocide in foreign lands. For they invoke war in peaceful countries so they can foster a different kind of peace through war. The absurdity is what makes it palatable for fools.

The madness of the moment is complimented by the perverse circumstances surrounding the legal appeal of Police Officer Furcillo. We are quickly approaching the day when the law will adjudicate that the victim and perpetrator are one in the same, and that any act of evil will be viewed as an Act of God. A young man suffering from mental illness, who harmed no-one, holding only a pocket knife was shot nine times in a street-car containing only himself. I no longer know what evil is because we have come to comfort it by manipulating the truth and shackling justice.

When does the number matter?

If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you. Romans 8:11

The Stranger
December 11, 2017

The stranger you pass along the street
The shadow that floats along the cold concrete
The person you sit beside in the subway car
The lost soul who vanished from humanity’s radar

The old lady praying by the empty pew
The fine bordeaux compromised by a rusty corkscrew
The runt of the litter abandoned by all
The drug addict anticipating the embrace of alcohol

The student who was lost in a full classroom
The fetus aborted before it could exit the mother’s womb
The singer who found himself lost for words
The writer contemplating a world ravaged by the absurd

The cleric who forfeited his faith in God
The actor silenced by the nameless who dared not applaud
The neighbour dying a lonely death next door
The soldier readying to kill in an arm's-length war

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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