Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Casey - Covid - Consciousness

 Casey - Covid - Consciousness

Edgar Casey’s view of “Creation” is quite interesting. Casey suggested that souls come from a wondrous place - similar to a majestic and magnificent castle, with unlimited breadth and infinite rooms. 

Casey further stated, that when the soul resides in the ethereal realm, it is immersed in “infinite consciousness”.  When the soul descends into matter, the truth of who we are becomes hidden behind a three dimensional veil. In other words, when a soul incarnates, excess consciousness becomes stored in a place we call the subconscious, as we literally move into a 3-bedroom apartment of existence (forgoing all those infinite rooms).

If one can understand this simple explanation of creation, then one can understand that it is incumbent upon us to re-discover our sub-consciousness. Your current incarnation should be to recover what was lost at birth (i.e. to achieve Nirvana through the soul’s exploration of the truth in its current spiritual cycle).

Covid-19 is a plan to imprison and control humanity. To subdue consciousness and to hack the mind. It is in this moment of confusion and despair that one has the ability to reconnect with the God-head. 

You will “live” as long as your life has meaning and purpose (Edgar Casey). 

In other words, why be alive, when you are spiritually, mentally and physically dead.

Covid-19 has given us the opportunity to re-live life. Not to be subdued by the growing artificiality of this world, and by those who seek to control us.

If you seek a path or religion to overcome the current Apocalypse then perhaps you can take Casey’s advice - The best religion is the one that you would like to practise.

You are a spiritual being, not a device, not the prey of an invisible virus, and not part of Satan’s insanity. You are part of infinite consciousness (God). 

Canada has provided you a Charter of Rights and Freedom - read it, know it and hold your oppressors to account. When man-made laws provide for divine inspiration they should not be cast aside.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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