Sunday, August 30, 2020

Julian Assange’s extradition trial - held in Old Bailey, City of London Corporation run by Rothschild.



Julian Assange’s extradition trial is not being held in UK jurisdiction.
Old Bailey is City of London Corporation run by Rothschild.

Compromised: When an agent is uncovered and cannot remain secret ... 
CIA admits Julian Assange is CIA.

WARNING:  Nobody has seen Assange coherent in court. 

Assange’s team has had a decade to prepare for this case they said they knew was coming. Assange said he has 150 lawyers & 150 staff. Why are they acting like it’s better for Assange to stay locked up near death than to go forward with his trial?

I’ll tell you why: it’s because his chief lawyer Baltasar Garzon has been working with CIA & FBI for decades, Assange is a victim of CIA’s MKUltra, and they’d rather kill him in prison than let him speak. That’s what’s happening to Assange.

Cryptome, Robert David Steele, Wayne Madsen, Veteran’s Today, Abel Danger & Benjamin Fulford all say Julian Assange is an agent. US DoD INTRUCTION 3039 is why Julian Assange put Code 3039 immediately after his date of birth on his 94% ownership of Sunshine Press Productions which owns WikiLeaks.  


I would just end this now and say Julian Assange’s chief lawyer is a convicted spy felon who for years has been working for CIA & FBI with godfather of the left George Soros & godfather of the right Sheldon Adelson, but i want you to know the whole story.

At what point did Julian Assange come clean? Did he ever come clean? I don’t know. I know he’s guilty of being framed in the 9/11 attacks. I don’t know if he’s innocent. To me his trial isn’t about documents, except i believe WikiLeaks is run by CIA’s Robert James Woolsey who is Snowden’s boss and Assange’s handler since 1993.

To me Assange’s trial is about his ties to 9/11, Rothschild, Bronfman, Rockefeller, Pinochet, UK Royals, Soros, Adelson, UN, CFR, NATO, NASA, US Joint Staff, US Secret Service, US Homeland Security’s Blue Cell, DoD’s Vanguard, CENTCOM, Pentagon Reservation, Sandia Labs, DARPA, Bush, Google, FBI, CIA, NSA, US Army War College, Clintons, Trump, Murdoch, Dershowitz, Epstein, Hollywood, Gaga & spirit cooking’s Marina Abramovic, MI5, MI6, London cannibal kids and The Family cult also known as CIA’s The Finders.

For one decade i shadowed Assange. I went to live in London, Ecuador and Washington, DC for this documentary. After 7 years i found out Assange is CIA. I don’t know where he is right now, but i do know he fails to appear at his court hearings. It is my expert opinion delaying Assange’s trial is an attempt to murder him, because Trump already said on video he wants to kill Assange* It’s the only defence Assange needs.

What i hope for this documentary is that it helps all those who took an interest in WikiLeaks to connect the dots and see a bigger picture. Unfortunately, WikiLeaks was a CIA controlled operation, so the many deaths of those whistleblowers is explained. Like multitudes of others, Julian Assange was a victim of CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control program. His only hope now (besides God) and the hope of all others like him is for people to understand the true story of his life.


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