Friday, August 14, 2020

Kamala Harris' family history of owning hundreds of slaves

Prominent author posts Kamala Harris' family history of owning hundreds of slaves

'Seems to be descended less from the legacy of Frederick Douglass than the plantation itself'


Dinesh D'Souza, a prominent author and filmmaker whose political critiques have gotten much attention in recent years, has posted online what he explains is his documentation of the 200 slaves owned by Kamala Harris' great-great-great-grandfather.

D'Souza, whose recent work includes the book the "United States of Socialism," recently was on Fox with Laura Ingraham to explain his research.

"African-American in the American context generally means having a direct relationship to the experiences of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow so on," he told her. "Very interestingly, Kamala Harris' father, Donald, a Stanford professor, wrote an article in a Jamaican magazine several years ago, claiming, in fact sort of boasting, that he was descended from the largest slave owner, slave owner in Jamaica, one of the largest slave owners in Jamaica, a fellow named Hamilton Brown.

"The point I want to make and the reason this is interesting is because there's been this effort in the Democratic Party and on the left to eradicate all connections to the slave plantation. And the point I'm trying to make is that Kamala Harris seems to be descended less from the legacy of, let's say, Frederick Douglass, than she is from the legacy of the plantation itself."

D'Souza, who came to the U.S. as an exchange student, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth and became a citizen later, has been called one of the 'top young public-policy makers in the country."

He then posted online his research regarding the "names of the 200+ slaves owned by Kamala Harris' ancestor Hamilton Brown in Jamaica in 1817. One of the largest planters in Jamaica, Brown now has a town named after him, Brown's Town."

The posting comes at a time when racial strife has been elevated in the United States because of the riots that followed the death, at the hands of police in Minneapolis, of a black man, George Floyd.

Hundreds of cities have seen "protests" that have turned into riots, with blocks of buildings destroyed and people dead in the violence. Among the topics now in the headlines is the discussion about paying reparations to those who descended from ancestors who were in slavery.

At a DJHJMedia newsletter, was the comment, "The Democrat and media allies are showing stunning hypocrisy with wall to wall fawning over far-left radical Democrat Kamala Harris since Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden announced her as his vice president pick."

"Typically the media would marginalize anyone whose family line included racism or owning slaves. It is telling that journalists choose to completely ignore the candidate the Democrats and media allies are pushing on black American women, refusing to address the fact Harris is a descendant of a major African slave owner."

The leftist "fact-check" site Snopes addressed the issue of Harris' ancestors, calling it "unproven," but D'Souza jumped on the organization's uncertainty.

"Snopes makes a characteristically clumsy attempt to cover for Kamala Harris and dispute her dad's claim that the family is descended from one of the largest slaveowners in Jamaica," he wrote. "They cannot offer one iota of proof to the contrary."


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