Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Demise of “Sports” and .........THE SECRET OF THE "NINETH CIRCLE"

 The Demise of “Sports”

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The many tentacles of Covid-19 include the demise of professional and competitive sports. Let us examine the reasons why:

  1. Sporting events are meant to be competitive. Events in which a winner and loser are decided upon. Future societies will not have any winners and losers. In fact, the competitive spirit will be completely eliminated. The only winner will be a malevolent Kakistocracy which will rule over nation states.
  2. Loyalty to a team, or its representative status, would mean distancing oneself from a collectivist ideology. There will be no future in team ideology. Nation states will do their best to isolate individuals and minimize their interaction. Creating a passive, unengaged zombie is the ultimate aim.
  3. Patriotism is a dangerous threat to globalism. Patriotism involves borders, regional views, varying layers of government, and conflicting viewpoints on how a society should function. Sporting events may create patriotic heroes, whose brand and influence, could pose a threat to the globalist ideology. These individuals could become more dangerous than a political leader with a nationalistic vision. Examples may include a coach, a team owner, a spectator, a television commentator, or team player.
  4. Winning and loosing create many emotions - joy, upset, revenge, hate etc. Sporting events would undo the homogenous social behaviour the globalists seek to invoke upon humanity.
  5. Sporting events create heroes. Heroes are exceptional individuals who may not subscribe to the proposed globalist structure. A hero's unencumbered influence would become like a ticking time bomb.
  6. Sports arenas are in fact social activity venues where people interact at close proximity, share stories and a snack. A sporting event is the perfect place for one to have an emotional catharsis. Sports stadiums would prove dangerous and destabilize the proposed autonomous and isolated structure of future societies.
  7. Finally, any large scale venue would prove dangerous for the globalists, for inspiration provides fuel for one to think, and social interaction provides the opportunity for one to share insights. Other events which will ultimately be eliminated include music festivals, religious gatherings, days of national celebration, educational gatherings and political venues.

Covid-19 will silence and imprison humanity as well as bury the demonic crimes which have been committed by the Elite for centuries - crimes they will continue to enjoy, unencumbered. 

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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