Friday, August 21, 2020

The Goal Posts

The Goal Posts

Goal posts are the strategic sentries which separate the inner sanctum from the greater whole. Essentially, property lines, national borders or our positioning within the universe define a certain level of defined proprietorship.

Time and events have proven over and over that intrusion and occupation are an opposing force’s ultimate objective. That force seeks to control and destroy all that it cannot control or understand within those goal posts.

For millennia the nature of the goal posts was known, and Mother Nature provided the lines of demarkation. Today, those posts have been infested, imbedded and transmuted by an unseen force, and it is alien in nature. 

Within the human entity exists an ethereal sanctuary that remains invisible to all, including the host. That entity is the mind. While the brain records the host’s many experiences, the mind spontaneously analyzes the syntactical impact the experience has on universal consciousness. Consciousness is the singular goal post for the entire gnosis, or the Akashic altar.

While most of you associate a goal post with sport or perhaps a legal limitation, the most important goal post is the mind. While the silver cord connects our spiritual essence (i.e. soul) to the ethereal world, the mind connects us to the enigmatic God-head as truth-seekers in the material world.

The mind is what humanity has allowed to be inadvertently discarded. The distraction which created our fall from grace can be overcome with prayer, and a willingness to shed your fear. The latter is achieved by one's willingness to seek the truth.

Do not allow the very few to make Planet Earth a prison planet, where flesh wanders aimlessly outside the goal posts, and the mind falls to the possibilities of Satan. 

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

Covid-19 is a HOAX

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