Sunday, August 9, 2020

Who is Vivienne Westwood


THIS is who WikiLeaks sends ALL their money to at Her name is Vivienne Westwood. She had a kid w/ CIA's Malcolm McLaren and raised him in porn. She's tied to cannibalism and mass child sex slavery with Prince Charles, Jimmy Savile, Prince Andrew, Epstein, Weinstein, Nygard & Pam Anderson.

She's the head Trustee of Courage Foundation where WikiLeaks sends all your donations via She's a witch, and she even made a clothing line for witches. You got it: WikiLeaks sends all your donations to a witch.
Not only is she a close personal friend of Prince Charles AND the UK Queen's husband Duke of Edinburgh, she's Assange's Synagogue of Satan CIA witchcraft handler visiting him for years on the 1st Thursday of every month.

So, when you give to WikiLeaks or The Courage Foundation, this is the witch who gets the money and gives it to the UK Royals whose purse Antichrist Jacob Rothschild holds. When you give to WikiLeaks, you give to friends of the people who own Belmarsh where Assange is held prisoner.

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