Monday, August 31, 2020

Your answer to the future - 44/4/4

Some, perhaps many of you, have entered a room filled only with darkness. No longer capable of finding the egress that will lead you back into the light. No different than one breaking through the ice, unable to find the entry point that had swallowed you, or unable to lift oneself free from the icy cold water.

The video documentary below is prophetic, profound and is the final punctuation for the children of Satan. Those of you who seek a better world, please pray for the main protagonist of this video. The second video will provide you an alternative biblical viewpoint. Your prayers will ultimately save you from the evil that has infested this world. At the end of this email I have attached a poem I wrote many years ago. Please listen to each part of the video documentary as each part serves to provide a base for the discussion that follows. 

This video will also provide you insight into who murdered Barry and Honey Sherman. I provided the names of the murderers to the retired Toronto Police Chief and Brian Greenspan, soon after the murders. The truth is only a secret to those who are spiritually blind.

This will be the best three hours you will have experienced during this entire pandemic-hoax. Any Canadian political leader having embraced GS, BG, CB, EdR etc have entered that dark-filled room and now serve Satan.

"We" are much stronger than WE and THEM.

Please share these videos. 

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

I Pray
Saturday, December 14, 2013

I pray for the world,

    Because it has found only debauchery

I pray for all those who have died,

    Because they have died in vane

I pray for Mother Nature,

    Because we have annihilated her

I pray for my family,

    Because they are precious to me

I pray for the sick and dying,

    Because their prayers languish in silence

I pray for me,

    Because it gives me strength

I pray for you,

    So that you may once again learn to pray

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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