Wednesday, September 23, 2020

David Goldberg's Last Words in 2015 and the Exterminations That Would Follow in 2020/2021

DaveGoldberg, the CEO of SurveyMonkey,and husband of Sheryl Sandberg ofFacebook died of head trauma Friday night after he collapsed at the gym at a private villa in Mexico, according to a Mexican government official. He was found deadMay 5, 2015. Please remember that Goldberg was himself a jew.

Now listen to what David Goldberg left behind just days before his murder and what he communicated to the world - including information on the release of a virus. Goldberg speaks of the evil of Zionism and how the globalists will use rolling BLACKOUTS to murder the awakened for Zionism. Goldberg's last words were in April, 2015. His concluding remarks state that the rolling blackouts will be deployed to exterminate millions of people. This will occur in December 2020, or December 2021. 

The world government will be located in Israel. The seat of Satan.

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