Thursday, September 24, 2020

for the truth will vanquish all your fears

for the truth will vanquish all your fears

i do not care that you do not like me

what other people think of me matters not

my goal is to say things that may make you feel uncomfortable

to unveil what is hidden

if you can’t handle it, that is not my fault

your shortcomings are something you must overcome

the world is filled with great evil

evil thrives because people fear the truth

evil thrives because people are afraid of offending others

evil thrives because we stand down when we should stand up

be concerned only about offending yourself

you are not in a race to outdo anyone

you are here because you chose to be 

you made that decision long before you were born

only the sin of abortion could have prevented your return

you had a reason to be here at this moment 

you chose to do something that would make heaven on earth better for everyone

somewhere along the way you encountered satan

satan thrives because people sought to choose adultery, murder, lies, theft, deception, sedition and forgetfulness

you chose to abandon those you promised to protect

your family, your friend, your children, your church, your electorate, your God

rather than share in your good fortune

you chose self

not realizing that self is part of the greater whole

the self is never alone

the ghosts of time surround us all, all the time

they dwell in the universal oneness

that oneness recognizes sedition and calls it out

but you are not listening

because you have abandoned your faith in God

you forgot how to pray

and prayer is redemption

prayer brings out the inner self into the outer world

you forgot about your fellow man

you forgot the basics

i can’t stop writing

because i can’t stop thinking

my thoughts never stop

Jesus provokes me all the time

He judges me more harshly than you could ever judge me

i hope you judge yourself as harshly as you judge me

I hope fear does not prevent you from doing so

seek only truth

for the truth will vanquish all your fears

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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