Wednesday, September 16, 2020

“Thousand Points of Light”

COVID-19 IS AN ALGORITHM, driven by yes and no mind-control techniques. Fear is the driver for each next decision.

The raison-être for Covid-19 is statistical fabrication. As long as UNVERIFIABLE statistics continue to rise, the ALGORITHIM continues to operate.

The political decision-makers are doing everything possible to increase the fake statistical data. Much of this fake data has been contrived by a CLAN of medical professionals, media executives, the pharmaceutical industry, technocrats and overseen by the intelligence services. Proroguing this pan-demonic is part of the much larger plan I have already discussed.

While our politicians are the face of the lockdowns, they are not in control of the simulation.

Billions of citizens from every nation state on this planet have been excluded from being active participants in the game-plan which THEY refer to as the “new normal”. The new normal IS NOT normal. It is communism, totalitarianism, a kakistocracy and pure EVIL.

EVIL has only ONE FATHER. That entity is Satan. If we allow this pan-demonic to continue you will experience HELL on Earth.

Even if THEY are doing this to HIDE something from us, it only means that whatever the end is, is something THEY cannot contain or stop from happening. 

Disembodied spirits of the Nephilim are amongst us. Their power is formidable, yet they can be overcome. 

George H.W. Bush once referred to a “Thousand Points of Light”. MABUS himself set the wheel in motion for the pan-demonic that is stirring in our time.

Ya I know, you think this is nonsense,
Joseph Pede

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