Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Will Asteroid 2020RY7 Strike planet Earth on September 20, 2020?

 NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) have disclosed that there may be a 100% chance of an asteroid striking planet Earth on September 20, 2020. 

Below, you will notice that NASA discovered ALL four asteroids passing by planet Earth on September, 2020, in 2020 - the asteroids were previously unknown. You will also note that NASA has named the object 2020RY7 twice, and with two different impact/fly-by times. That is kind of odd. 

These two asteroids are the two that will be closest to, or impact, our planet. The bottom line is that the hours of 10:38AM-1:56PM are extremely critical in nature. 

Although, NASA uses UT (Universal Time), it is closely linked to GMT(Greenwich Mean Time). GMT is five hours ahead of EST. Therefore, 10:36AM-1:56PM translates to 5:38AM-9:56AM EST.

Below is the available asteroid data. The NASA link is also:

Object nameApproach DateLeftAU DistanceLD DistanceRelative Velocity

2017 SL16September 20 2020 06:56 AM3 day0.02271825878668440.022718658986821725.8 km/s
2020 RP6September 20 2020 07:21 AM3 day0.04825867902340310.049498232857631124.944 km/s
2020 RY7September 20 2020 10:38 AM3 day0.006681043520337330.0067465550331772926.857 km/s
2020 RY7September 20 2020 01:56 PM3 day0.007380817817913650.0074447658621035326.857 km/s

The NASA technical data for 2020RY7 is available via the LINK below:

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