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Covid-Vaccines, DREADDS & Hermes a.k.a. Thoth narrating to Asclepius

Egypt, in reference to The Corpus Hermeticum below, is to be construed as the entire world. Below, in parts 25 and 26 of the Hermeticum, Hermes narrates the future of Humankind to Asclepius. He then reveals God's final intervention, and how God will undo the evil that has overtaken His creation.

The warnings of the Hermeticum are especially significant when it speaks to the "Religion of the Mind".  Today, the Technocrats are attempting every conceivable form of mind manipulation and destruction to control and eradicate humanity. Examples include algorithms, media propaganda, musical chords/words, technology, pharmacology, Black Magic and science. To control and destroy humanity they must first dismantle and sabotage the human mind. The Trans-humanist agenda seeks to preserve Mother Nature and the construction of the Ages, but not who built it. Perhaps why global war is not wise depopulation choice.

Vaccines and DREADDS, are likely the binary companions of science and technology. Vaccines will deliver the necessary nanotechnology to disrupt and mutate our RNA/DNA, and DREADDS will provide technology the ability to control our minds.

Chemogenetics is an especially compelling approach because, after an initial surgery, it requires no invasive procedures. The technology works by putting specially designed receptors into a chosen cell population in the brain. The receptors are delivered by injecting a special virus into the target brain region (this is the spatial restriction). The virus is genetically modified so that it contains instructions to produce the receptor. The instruction will work only in certain cell types (this is the genetic restriction). Some well-known groups of cells that can be targeted in this fashion and are implicated in psychiatric illness include the dopamine-producing cells of the substantia nigra and the serotonin-producing cells of the raphe nuclei. Once the cells contain the genetic information to produce the receptors, their activity can be modulated at any time by giving the subject the specific molecule that activates the specific receptors. So, a patient with receptors inserted into dopamine cells could activate them at a later point by simply taking a pill with that molecule.

It is my understanding that DREADDS can be delivered via drinking water, chem-trails and vaccines. The possibilities are likely endless. While many of you view Covid-19 as a virus, I view it as a device to destroy the MIND. Once again, the mind is the ethereal software that connects consciousness, or God, to the human brain.

With "pot" now being legalized in many countries throughout the world, and with pot dispensaries popping up everywhere, would it not be coincidental if genetically modified strains of marijuana would in fact be DREADDS activation mechanisms?

In an earlier email, I concluded that dopamine was covertly introduced into seniors residing in eldercare facilities. Dopamine, when introduced in specific populations (ex individuals with Parkinsons) will create the same symptoms as someone with severe Covid-19 symptoms (i.e. high fever and major organ shutdown). This is likely why 85% of the Covid related deaths in Canada are attributable to eldercare facilities. The experimentation has gone live!


1. Why dost thou weep, Asclepius? Nay, more than this, by far more wretched,—Egypt herself shall be impelled and stained with greater ills.

For she, the Holy [Land], and once deservedly

the most beloved by God, by reason of her pious service of the Gods on earth,—she, the sole colony 1 of holiness, and teacher of religion [on the earth], shall be the type of all that is most barbarous.

And then, out of our loathing for mankind, the World will seem no more deserving of our wonder and our praise.

All this good thing, 2—than which there has been fairer naught that can be seen, nor is there anything, nor will there [ever] be,—will be in jeopardy.

2. And it will prove a burden unto men; and on account of this they will despise and cease to love this Cosmos as a whole,—the changeless work of God; the glorious construction of the Good, comprised of multifold variety of forms; the engine of God’s Will, supporting His own work ungrudgingly; the multitudinous whole massed in a unity of all, that should be reverenced, praised and loved,—by them at least who have the eyes to see.

For Darkness will be set before the Light, and Death will be thought preferable to Life. No one will raise his eyes to Heaven; the pious man will be considered mad, the impious a sage; the frenzied held as strong, the worst as best.

3. For soul, and all concerning it,—whereby it doth presume that either it hath been born deathless, or that it will attain to deathlessness, according to the argument I have set forth for you,—[all this] will be considered not only food for sport, 1 but even vanity.

Nay, [if ye will] believe me, the penalty of death shall be decreed to him who shall devote himself to the Religion of the Mind.

New statutes shall come into force, a novel law; naught [that is] sacred, nothing pious, naught that is worthy of the Heaven, or Gods in Heaven, shall [e’er] be heard, or [even] mentally believed.

4. The sorrowful departure of the Gods from men takes place; bad angels 2 only stay, who mingled with humanity will lay their hands on them, and drive the wretched folk to every ill of recklessness,—to wars, and robberies, deceits,

and all those things that are opposed to the soul’s nature1

Then shall the Earth no longer hold together; the Sea no longer shall be sailed upon; nor shall the Heaven continue with the Courses of the Stars, nor the Star-course in Heaven.

The voice of every God 2 shall cease in the [Great] Silence that no one can break; the fruits of Earth shall rot; nay, Earth no longer shall bring forth; and Air itself shall faint in that sad listlessness.


1. This, when it comes, shall be the World’s old age, impiety,—irregularity, and lack of rationality in all good things.

And when these things all come to pass, Asclepius,—then He, [our] Lord and Sire, God First in power, and Ruler of the One God [Visible], 3 in check of crime, and calling error back from the corruption of all things unto good manners and to deeds spontaneous with His Will (that is to say God’s Goodness),—ending all ill, by either washing it away with water-flood, or burning it away with fire, or by the means of pestilent diseases, spread

throughout all hostile lands,—God will recall the Cosmos to its ancient form 1; so that the World itself shall seem meet to be worshipped and admired; and God, the Maker and Restorer of so vast a work, be sung by the humanity who shall be then, with ceaseless heraldings of praise and [hymns of] blessing.

2. For this [Re-] birth of Cosmos is the making new 2 of all good things, and the most holy and most pious bringing-back again of Nature’s self, by means of a set course of time,—of Nature, which was without beginning, and which is without an end. For that God’s Will hath no beginning; and, in that ’tis the same and as it is, it is without an end.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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