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Noumenon confirms the “Mystery of Inequity”

 Noumenon confirms the “Mystery of Inequity”

In philosophy, a noumenon is a posited object or event that exists independently of human sense and/or perception. The term noumenon is generally used in contrast with, or in relation to, the term phenomenon, which refers to any object of the senses.

Noumenon is in fact the “illusion of reality”. Let us examine a few examples originating from our provincial and federal leaders.

Trudeau says 'shocking' riot in Washington was incited by Trump

But that is simply NOT the case. Video evidence shows that five Antifa filled buses were escorted by state troopers directly to the steps of the capitol buildings. After allowing Antifa members to enter the Capitol buildings the state troopers blocked the real Trump supporters from entering the building - this was an orchestrated event. Building security and snipers were also told to stand down. In the video below the i.d. numbers of the five buses were recorded. I don’t know if Facebook has deleted the video link which is shown below. In other available intelligence articles, Jake Angeli (the horned Antifa member) is shown talking with Michiel Vos just before he entered the Capitol buildings. Vos is married to Pelosi's daughter. All Antifa members were identifiable by the fact that they wore their MAGA-hats "backwards". These latter facts should be investigated by the readers.

To top off the lunacy, ABC News Political Director (and a jew) Rick Klein called for the “cleansing” of Trump supporters Thursday following the Capitol Hill chaos....... 

A jew advocating and conducting genocide is a historical trait, so we should not be shocked that history’s most prolific mass murderers continue to advocate for genocide.

Ford promises more restrictions as Ontario reports record 4,249 new COVID-19 cases

"We're in a desperate situation, and when you see the modelling, you'll fall out of your chair," Ford said.

The lunacy that we are being subjected to is beyond comprehension. Hospitals are empty and the only people getting sick and dying are those who have received the vaccine. Otherwise, the survival rate is 99%. We have had zero cases of the flu and the common cold across Canada this year, yet Covid is all the rage. All these statistics are based on a PCR test that was NOT designed for the purpose it is being employed.

..............that which remains forever beyond our knowing is the TRUTH.

The idea that we never experience the physical world directly has intrigued many philosophers. Most notable was the eighteenth-century German philosopher Immanual Kant, who drew a clear distinction between the forms that appear in the mind–what he called the phenomenon (a Greek word meaning "that which appears to be")–and the world that gives rise to this perception, which he called the noumenon (meaning "that which is apprehended"). All we know, Kant insisted, is the phenomenon. The noumenon, the "thing-in-itself," remains forever beyond our knowing.


The few who have, and continue to build infinite power and wealth for themselves, employing a diminishing supply of resources to do so, while attempting to sustain a model of infinite demand, unleashed the illusion of Covid to perpetuate the future reality. The Doctrine of Obsolescence is having a very difficult time transforming to a Doctrine of Sustainability.

Today it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people. 
Zbigniew Brzezinski

This is not about a transformative change but rather a metamorphosis which will provide Humankind a newly created illusion - one that migrates towards Trans-humanism, yet leaves behind the majority of humans.

Unfortunately, the transition is one that employs an apocalyptic strategy rather than one that seeks to be inclusive for all Humankind. The individuals who have taken us to this breaking point are in fact devising the next breaking point.

The lockdowns are intended to give the “lunatics” time to formulate a new world order. They are attempting to establish the new financial and economic framework that might include you.

The Zeitgeist for the 21st century is filled with illusions and a virtual reality. A reality that does not require your participation. Satan’s demons have created a lawlessness which many perceive to be just, but the truth is that the facts should scare you back into the realm of reality.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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