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The Extraterrestrial/Demonic Elements within the Covid-Agenda

 The Extraterrestrial/Demonic Elements within the Covid-Agenda

With science and technology having rendered the “human envelope” obsolete, why would a planetary creation entertain continuing to manifest a biological experiment whose presence serves no purpose? Humans would only become biological containers feeding off the lower realms, or varying compositions of Mother Nature.

In acknowledging the aforementioned, we must also agree that technology has done its utmost to transmigrate and subjugate humans. By genetically modifying the human envelope technology has, and will continue to impact human consciousness, and ultimately the intrinsic measure of the soul.

Should we then compare human existence to Moore’s Law, and conclude that human excellence is based solely on one key performance attribute. With chip technology having migrated from silicon, to quantum, crystal and molecular states, I believe the human envelope is destined to become better integrated with the ethereal states of our existence - the ones that we have been intentionally and clandestinely estranged from.

If we put aside, the “who” and the religious aspects of human creation, then we must ask the why, and what is our purpose. If we choose to believe in a Big Bang event, then we should conclude that creation forces sought manifestation so as to reflect what was not possible to express in the anti-matter or higher dimensional realms. 

My observation is that higher dimensional states allow for lower-realm intervention, with the latter having no perception of that intervention. Beings within the higher dimensional states will influence the human envelope based on their own specific agenda. By raising our consciousness levels, humans can “tune-in” to that interference. By doing so, we salvage our existence, or right to be.

I have been saying all along that Covid is not a virus, but rather an agenda. The following remarks were made by President Ronald Reagan at a U.N. General Assembly of 1987. The information can be found via the following links:

My core belief is that humans will be harvested, just as food is seeded, harvested and consumed. The excesses within the human envelope serve to feed the higher dimensional realms. You may refer to it celestial cannibalism.


The proponents of the "New World Order" cosmic conspiracy believe that when President Ronald Reagan gave his famous "alien invasion" speech to the entire United Nations General Assembly in September of 1987, he had already secretly advised representatives of the 176 member nations that the leaders of their respective governments must meet the demands of the technologically superior extraterrestrials or be destroyed. In his speech to the General Assembly, Reagan said that an alien threat was already among us.

A number of conspiracy theorists stated that Reagan's speech hinted at a plan agreed to by world leaders that extraterrestrial invaders around the year 2000 would carry out a carefully staged "alien invasion" that would convince the masses of the world that a real-life alien attack from outer space was about to begin. People of all nations would believe their leaders, who would tell them that the aliens were a benevolent species and that unconditional surrender to them would be for everyone's own good.

Immediately following the surrender to the aliens, the united leaders will form a One World Government -- a New World Order -- thus fulfilling biblical prophecies about a return to the days of Babylon. The aliens will revel themselves as demonic entities that delight in doing Satan's work.

Under the One World Government, the following laws and rules will apply:

- There will be NO private or church schools;

- Christianity will NOT be permitted in ANY form;

- There will be only a one-unit monetary system; 

- Population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family;

- There will NO middle class, only rulers and servants;

- NONE of the former national boundaries of countries shall exist;

- Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited;

- A legal system of world courts will oversee a single unified code of laws, enforced by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military; 

- Only ONE RELIGION will be allowed and that will be in the form of a One World Government Church, which will adhere to Satanism or Luciferianism;

- Permanent, NONelected hereditary oligarchists will select serfs from the population and form a feudal system, similar to the one that existed in the Middle Ages; 

- Diseases, wars and famines will be engineered until there are only one (1) billion people -- those who are deemed useful to the ruling classes -- living on the planet; 

- The social system will be on the basis of a welfare state -- those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live. Those who are rebellious will be starved to death or declared outlaws, thereby becoming targets for anyone who wishes to kill them.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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