Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Paradox

The Paradox

Please read the following with an open mind, because it is my belief that time (past, present and future) is present within the hologram at all times.

Why have intellectual and spiritual beings succumb to illogically contradictory and unnatural events? Why have critical events in human history steered humanity to the edge of indifference, rather than in the direction of greater perceptibility for the natural and supernatural world? Why have we come to accept answers to questions that have yet to be contemplated or asked?

We live in a time and place, or better yet space, which appears alien to our innate survival mechanisms. We do not challenge the mainstream dialectic for fear of retribution, nor do we present a defensive posture when our very existence is put at risk. This is the paradox.

There are many things I do not understand, but it is in that confusion that I am predisposed to think. Prognostication and prophecy always rattle in the back of my subconscious. The predictability of the future in many ways is a function of time, and I have come to conclude that time is a controlled repetitive dimension, or better yet, device.

The many paradoxes of our time, and the ever- increasing Mandela events, are signals that our future is being controlled by changing events in our past. Someone is playing with time to achieve a predetermined end for themselves.

My conclusion is based on the fact that humanity is growing more “imbecilic” rather than more enlightened; in what is a seemingly more intellectual and science-based world. It is my sense that humans do envisage future existential cataclysms, yet prepares not for their arrival. Humanity is predisposed to accept the inevitability of an unwanted end. This is the result of "conditioning" (i.e. chem-trails, vaccines, mind-control propaganda, DREADDS etc etc).

We have become masters, at being mastered by an unseen master, whose authority resides in the invisible strata of time, yet we hold steadfast in the notion that time only marches forward, and can never retreat to nullify an undesirable future (i.e. an outcome that created a greater dissatisfaction than what was forecast in the past). You must realize that the unexpected outcome was obviously impacted by Mankind’s "Free Will". Free Will is a direct target of the Covid-agenda.

In the movie, the Butterfly Effect, which is in fact a real phenomenon, the soul ultimately chose not to be, or become, what it perceived not to be positive outcome. The comparison for humans may be that the guardians of the future have the ability to undo the impact of unwanted human free will. This may, in some respect, explain the burgeoning practice of abortion. Souls which were intended to enter this realm have been pre-empted from impacting, or even undoing, what the guardians of time have set in motion for themselves. Newly born, uninhibited and unencumbered souls, create work in the dimension of "time" and free will scenario.

So it is, by our own self-destructive nature, that the few amongst us, who should act as guardians of Mankind’s free will, have chosen to be subservient to the very few who oppose Humankind. They choose to do this for a few shekels, a lacklustre career and some very limited celebrity. A simple example of this is the politician, who fears their own shadow, appeases their leader to every extent, only so they can bring home a pay-cheque. Yet in the process they are DESTROYING humanity.

You each have the responsibility of doing the right thing, for the consequences are extremely profound. The hologram must not fall into the hands of the matrix. Satan and his legion of evil-doers are forever busy planning the destruction of Mankind.

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

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