Tuesday, February 6, 2018

AIDS/HIV Cure - Dr. Alabi in Nigeria

I have had many individuals write me about Dr. Alabi and his miracle cure for HIV/AIDS and many other serious illnesses. I emailed Dr. Alabi and he has provided the following information for those seeking medical assistance. I do not know if the claims by those who have emailed me are true but I wish t pass along this potentially life-saving information.

Dr Alabi is 78 years old and resides in Nigeria. His contact information is shown below:

Email:  dralabispelltemple@gmail.com 

Mobile Number & Whatsapp: +2348105074556 

Home Address:  52 Abia Street, Iruekpen Ekpoma Edo State

The major ingredients in Dr. Alabi's herbal mixture include:

1.  Black seed
2.  Moringa stem
3.  Coconut oil
4.  Canabis extract  and many more

Dr Alabi states that he can also cure:


And many more

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


Renault Benjamin said...

i have heard so much about this herbal dr he is indeed a life saver may God continue to bless you sir

Dereka Bennett said...

Good Day friends. Am here to share my testimony on how a specialize-healer called Dr Alabi cure me from HERPES .A great man who have the root and herbs to all kind of deadly disease.I saw his email on you-tube by a patient he have cure from HIV When i contact him.he prepare the herbal medication for my HERPES cure and also send it to me in USA via DHL, that get me cured.You can also reach he, his E-MAIL address ( dralabispelltemple@gmail.com ) or ( dralabispelltemple@hotmail.com
) or Whatsapp him on this number +23481005074556 i advice any one with the above symptoms to check this link: http://josephpedepoetry.blogspot.ca/2018/02/aidshiv-cure-dr-alabi-in-nigeria.html Sir i am indeed grateful for the help i will forever recommend you to my friend

Larry Massie said...

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joan said...

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