Friday, February 17, 2012

Headaches !!!!


Are you or someone you know experiencing headaches and dizziness? This is no coincidence. When you go to your doctor the first thing they prescribe is a cat-scan or MRI. Ultimately most x-rays come back negative.

My assertion is that more and more people are experiencing thyroid issues as well. This is no coincidence either - Fukushima is a disaster of unknown proportions.

While we may not realize it, or care to think about it, both our planet and human consciousness are changing. Both being reconfigured by four major factors:

1. The planet is shifting, and with the assistance of HAARP and nuclear devices, the Earth’s core is crackling like never before,
2. The sun is unleashing a high degree of radiation i.e. coronal mass ejections – CME’s. The shockwaves from these travelling masses of solar particles are creating geomagnetic storms, thus impacting the Earth’s magnetosphere. The Earth’s vibration and gravity are concurrently affected. Our brain, which is predominantly water and electrical circuitry, is being influenced by these changes.
3. Planetary chaos in the form of radioactive fallout (i.e. Fukushima – three full reactor meltdowns) and economic upheaval (i.e. saturation of the money supply in the hands of few, corrupt governments, sky-rocketing commodity prices, lost jobs, security, growing debt, the rise of global Fascism etc.) are testing our sanity,
4. Finally, heretics and religious prophecy are impacting human consciousness.

The headaches are a warning sign for mankind to address a much more serious problem – spiritual survival. Ultimately, "technology" has brought us to this conundrum, and only sacred technology can save us. "What we are" is changing because we no longer know "who we are".

A reminder - we are spiritual beings created by a higher authority. Someone who, we have irresponsibly misplaced.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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