Thursday, March 29, 2012

Capitalism: The Tragic Victim of Corporatism

Capitalism: The Tragic Victim of Corporatism
Democracies are hidden Monarchist Structures with Fascist Ideals

We are witnessing the rise of Fascio-Monarchies through the deployment of two very basic principles: security and globalism. They will ultimately insure the delivery of misery to the masses. War, bank/ capital market fraud, religious hatred and a technological pandemic are the driving forces behind this Elitist agenda.


1. Nationalize all Central Banks
2. Eradicate all monarchies. They still control the world behind the scenes. Put them all on the Titanic. That old British royal is more dangerous than the black plague.
3. Return to a gold standard or similar commodity-based currency structure.
4. Abolish the UN, the IMF, World Bank and the BIS. They are parasites.
5. Tax Freemasons 50% of their total wealth. To reimburse the public for all the money they have stolen through nepotism and illicit collaboration.
6. Tax all corporations to a point where the public pays no tax. Put the “spending power” in the hands of the masses, not in the hands of the asses.
7. Stop the gasoline fraud. Gas companies are thieves and governments have allowed them to steal untold trillions of dollars from the public. Nationalize all gasoline companies as well

Don’t get rid of the “penny” Mr. Flaherty. It is the only currency worth 100% more than its face value.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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