Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ron Paul Takes On Ben Bernanke and Wins!

It Really is About Gold and Silver

Ben Bernanke's Federal Reserve speech of February 29, 2012 intimated that the U.S. economy was improving. He stated that unemployment statistics are decreasing and that the Federal Reserve would continue to do whatever necessary to support a fragile economy. All fiction of course. Gold and silver plummeted in value moments after Bernanke's speech. This is exactly what his announcement was intended to do.

Ron Paul, the Republican Presidential candidate, later questioned Bernanke. Ron Paul victoriuosly provided what should be reality for Bernanke. The two part video can be viewed here:

Today, Ben Bernanke was quoted as saying:

There’s “a massive fiscal cliff” in our future, Ben Bernanke told the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday.

Full story:

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