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Ebola – Biosecurity Level 4 safety Procedures now breached in Spain

Ebola – Biosecurity Level 4 safety
 Procedures now breached in Spain
By – The Unhived Mind – 11th August 2014

Take a look at the videos and pictures below and be amazed yet again at the outright breach of safety regulations against a bio-security level 4 hazardous infectious disease. The first thing you should notice is that two of the Spanish Air Force crew had no safety protective gear on at all and helped opened the aircraft doors.
Next we see a crew wearing cheap looking non-BSL4 protective orange suits with neck protection undone. Notice how these crewmen in orange have facial skin exposure between their basic medical face mask (useless dust mask type) and their foreheads. One of the men who looks of some authority even has his suit unzipped quite the way down and also he does not wear his hood and thus exposes his full head and hair.  Next he ends up removing his right glove and exposing his hand flesh to the air. These gloves should be doubled up using two colors in order to make sure if one tears you can then see the other color so you know a tear has taken place.
Now watch in amazement how this orange crew hand over the Ebola victims to another team dressed in a more professional looking white suit but wearing full face respirator masks not just basic dust type masks like the orange crew are wearing.
Notice the white suits have taped up trouser bottoms and they are all wearing boots except one. When Dr Kent Brantly was bought back to the U.S. not one of the bio-security crew members were wearing any shoes to protect their suits from tearing on the ground and then they walked on potentially dangerous stones. Now please tell me why this the original orange crew can wear virtually nothing but the next white crew are wearing gear which looked a bit more like what you would expect? Are we to believe the original orange crew will not be back at their homes amongst their children and society whilst the white dressed people will be? Did you notice there were three Ebola victims not just the one? Why isn’t there a bio-security level 4 containment tunnel from the aircraft to the ambulances?  This once again mirrors the breaches in the United States! Why do they have to use ambulances which will travel amongst the streets of Spain? Would it not be far safer to use a helicopter if they really have to bring these victims back to western mainlands?
Ambulance Registration Plates to avoid:
1190 HYL, 1400 HYL, 2267 HYL
Did you notice how the ambulances were not specially designed vehicles but instead just normal standard ambulances with makeshift transparent plastic wrap held on by brown tape?
The make shift ambulances also reminds me of the inside of the Spanish Air Force aircraft where the servicemen simply put plastic bags over the backs of the chairs.
The Spanish Air Force never even covered the sitting bottom base of the chairs, not even the chairs used to rest the Ebola victim on top were covered on the sitting bottom base. If these are standard Spanish commercial aircraft and not Spanish Air Force only then I wouldn’t get on a Spanish plane for months until I knew they were all clear. If I was in the Air Force I’d stay clear of these planes just the same.

You simply cannot trust these slap dash organizations who are most obviously breaching bio-security level 4 public safety procedures and thus potentially exposing millions in the west to a strain of Ebola virus. You are left in a duality state, on one hand fearing Ebola and at the same time feeling safe knowing the Government might save you with a new miraculous drug called Mzapp. How perfect is this that a new strain of Ebola most obviously a U.S. genetically engineering version arrives and all of a sudden there is a cure on the way when at one time there was zero hope for Ebola in its natural state. The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers can soon fleece the public yet again through their pharmaceutical empire of pseudo-illusional quackery.
If this was the natural Ebola there would be no way these outright breaches of bio-security would be allowed to occur and rest assured that no natural Ebola victims would ever be flown into western mainlands. This is a genetically engineered version of Ebola with antidotes available which for now are somewhat hidden from the public. If there were no antidotes available then the merchant pond pirates behind all this like Bill Gates (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) and George Soros (Soros Foundation) [they have foundations just to get around tax] would never dare bring Ebola onto western shores in fear of their own safety. So if anything they will either bring forth an anti-dote ready genetically engineered Ebola or just dish out fake Ebola alerts through their propaganda media network as a massive psychological operation aided previously by prior predictable programming movies such as ‘Outbreak‘. I am not so sure it is a coincidence but think about the fact that the 1918 flu originated in the United States at U.S Military bases and then was spread by U.S. troops into Europe where it was termed the Spanish flu. Might we be seeing symbolic information going out claiming this might be the next big thing like the 1918 flu or at least it will be made out to be the next big thing by mainstream media using lies and scams of both old and new? Think about it whilst taking a look at my previous article on Ebola and its treatment.


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