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By: The Unhived Mind – 15 June 2014
There is no liquidity left in the system, the International Monetary Fund is broke and its head Christine LaGarde now wants to move its rotting rigor mortis flesh away from the U.S Treasury corpse and over into the prosperous Chinese system hoping to continue its nefarious actions this time as some kind of Frankenstein’s monster under China which of course is part of the superior BRICS and Associates central ‘Gold’ bank. When organizations like the International Monetary Fund claim they will bail-out or similar a corporation (nations are now corporations including yourself under the Uniform Commercial Code since 1933) or banks it is actually impossible for them to do so since in reality they have no currency to make this happen. The same can be said about the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and how they could never cover the savings deposits of just one too-big-fail U.S. bank collapse let alone all of them at the same time. The only reason the economy is continuing as it is right now is because of continual derivative frauds which look like they may be finally coming to an end as the ponzi scheme tumbles where it belongs into the devils hell pit of fire!

Economic terrorist Bank Of England governor Mark Carney gives his latest back slapping speech to this backers in 2014 Mansion House speech. Oh, he'll raise interest rates.

When the central bank interest rates go up this will cause a quick collapse of the derivatives markets currently running above $1.7 quadrillion of false debt gambling and illusions. This is a figure that is totally impossible to ever pay back and it increases by the day as bank scam artists like Deutsche Bank working for the Deutsche Vertidigungs Dienst continue creating more derivatives and even to help fund events like the Nazi coup d’etat on Ukraine. These are false debts that the people and nations should never have to pay back. If you look at the Iceland economic incident you will see that a large portion of the supposed debts it accumulated actually were nothing to do with Iceland and its people. I expected a while back that the economy would collapse in 2017. Then when I learned about the derivatives market I expected it around April to May in 2015 tying in with the implementation of the U.S. Affordable Care Act. Now it looks like they are accelerating the timing of this event before the Obamacare is in place.
Bank of England hints at possible rate rise this year
13 June 2014 Last updated at 07:35
The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has signalled that interest rates may rise this year.

In a keynote speech, Mr Carney said a rate rise “could happen sooner than markets currently expect”.

The consensus among economists was that rates would rise in the first half of next year, or even earlier.

BBC economics editor Robert Peston said that although the comments point to an increase this year, any rise “will be small and gradual”.

Mr Carney was speaking in London on Thursday at the annual Mansion House dinner attended by City and business grandees.
I hope you noticed where this announcement came from? It was from the heart of the banking power in the City of London from within the Mansion House (palace) of the King of the City of London, currently a female called Fiona Woolf known officially as the Lord Mayor of the sovereign City of London. If you want to know who rules the British Empire (New Venice) then look no further and also towards Westminster such as 114 Mount Street, St John’s Wood and Buckingham Palace housing that descendant of the Guelph’s known as Queen Elizabeth II the Doge of New Venice! This interest rate change talk for 2014 is coming from the heart of the beast so listen very carefully! Only the other week the City of London’s Mansion House hosted a big meeting of two-hundred powerful bankers which also included Prince Charles.  This meeting was called the Conference on Inclusive Capitalism.
‘Euro Heading to a Break-up’; Brits want to ‘Self-Regulate’
May 29, 2014 • 11:17AM
City of London mouthpiece Ambrose Evans Pritchard writes in today’s Daily Telegraph that the results of the European Elections clearly point to a breakup of the Eurozone. As for Great Britain he says it is heading for a new relationship with the European Union.

He writes:

“European leaders must henceforth calculate that the British people will vote to leave the EU altogether unless offered an entirely new dispensation: tariff-free access to the single market along lines already enjoyed by Turkey or Tunisia; and deliverance from half the Acquis Communautaire, that 170,000-page edifice of directives and regulations that drains away sovereignty.” While he says the fanatics want a clean break, more sober minds know that “the EU’s global credibility would be shattered if one of its largest states – and twin-leader in projecting military power – were to walk away in disgust…” So he sees a ” Holy Roman Empire solution” for Britain and the EU.

Notice that only the other day the stooges of the U.S. Treasury, both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were putting warnings out about the global economy. The World Bank was hinting at major housing crashes and interest rates whilst the International Monetary Fund were warning to prepare for the next big financial crisis coming very soon.  It now looks like the warnings are going out to those in the know. It may now just be only a matter of weeks before the USA Financial LTD goes bankrupt. At this moment in time the BRICS central ‘gold’ bank has ninety percent of the world’s population and sixty-eight percent of the world’s economy, so what does that tell you about the Anglo-American Venetian-Jesuit power right now?
IMF Warns Of Housing Crashes- World Bank Says ‘Now Is The Time To Prepare For Next Crisis’
Posted on June 12, 2014 by Mark O’Byrne
Yesterday, the IMF and World Bank issued warnings about rising interest rates, housing crashes and the global economy. The World Bank’s chief economist is offering important advice to investors and savers when he said that “now is the time to prepare for the next crisis …”
A meeting was held recently in the Anglo-American sphere by the Bank of England and the Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation to make sure the peoples (creditors) banking deposits can and will be legally stolen in the coming bail-in program thefts. Do not believe the FDIC or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will help you as both of these are redundant after acts like the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Your bank deposits will be stolen using bail-in protocols similar to what was seen in Cyprus as the Anglo-American Venetians attempted to stop the great Vladimir Putin from continuing to convert worthless U.S. Treasury bonds into gold bullion.  The Venetians failed to hinder Putin and Russia and instead normal Cypriots suffered. The European banks have already put in place a system that prevents bank runs and they are now limiting bank cash withdrawals. We are seeing everything being put into place for what looks like the final crash of the economic system that has been in place for decades.
Editor note: Bringing this massive story back to the top of the news feed for those who missed it over the holiday weekend.
On Wednesday, SD broke the news that Canada had buried a provision for depositor bail-ins for systemically important banks deep inside its official 2013 budget, and stated that the Cypriot bail-in was not just a one-off event, but is in fact the new collapse template for the entire Western banking system.
We suspected that the same policy change had been made by the US & the UK, but was simply yet to be discovered, buried in the website of a Federal agency.
We suspected correctly…
In the introduction, the resolution informs readers that the FDIC and the Bank of England have been working together to formulate the new bail-in model for future bank failures:
Will the next event be a tremor leading to a final collapse in 2017 as I first thought? Or will this be the big one? Will this be some kind of attempt to usurp the BRICS central gold bank before it can start? Please note the timings of any events seeing as the BRICS will be signed into place next month in July of 2014. The Anglo-American Venetian-Jesuit empire has just two years before the BRICS will start to lend money and take control. Maybe the Venetians want to get in first and destroy everyone right before they implement their new beast system ahead of the BRICS.

It should also be noted that a number of alternative media and foreign news websites are being hindered or censored. One example would be that Saudi Arabia seems to be hindering PressTV and Adamus Group linked intelligence from the Twitter social media network. This website has also suddenly seen problems occurring in the last few days which should not surprise you considering I host a lot of foreign news media along with intelligence many would not want you to know about. This could be sign that trouble is about to start and the alternative media is going to be taken down by the National Security Agency, Government Communications Headquarters and their SIGNIT ‘Five Eyes’ spy network.
Twitter Goes Evil and Blocks Veterans Today
By Stew Webb – with Glenn Canady
Thursday, June 12th, 2014 | Posted by Stew Webb
Glenn was notified today by a 19 year old patriot that Twitter is blocking all messages with Veterans and in them.
Glenn verified this today and took screen shots.
Your only financial hope right now is with tangible assets like physical bullion hidden by you and not in safe deposit boxes. Draw out your bank funds in small amounts daily until you clear them completely out and this will keep you below their radar rather than trying to withdraw large amounts in one go or attempting to close down an account.  Continue to keep your eyes on the talk of interest rates especially from the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.  Finally stock up on storable water, food, weapons and ammunition..


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