Monday, June 27, 2011

From Colonialism to Canada Post

Colonialism to Canada Post

Colonialism as an archaic societal structure has transitioned itself into a more sophisticated and devious form of societal controller. Chains, shackles and tethers have become the new forms of consumerism, secularism and more importantly debt.

Why does central banking and a fractionalized banking system not work? Because it has a life cycle that “begins” with failure.

Here is a simple example. A central bank prints $1,000.00. It lends $900.00 for 5 years at 5%. At the end of the 5 year period all loans are to be repaid. At that same time the central bank will close its doors. Therefore, $900 x 1.05 to the 5th power = $1,148.65. The borrowers are required to pay $148.65 more than the existing money supply. Very simply, the fractionalized banking system is a Ponzi scheme. When currency was backed by gold the supply of money was guaranteed.

This is why Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and the balance of nations suppressed by debt will never resurrect themselves as viable economies. Don’t worry about Germany and Italy for two reasons. First, they have the second and third largest supply of gold reserves of all sovereign nations. Secondly, they have immense influence on global economic policy. Germany and Italy are the only two nations who have executive membership in every notable Masonic Lodge around the world - the silent unelected government.

Recently in the news it was announced that individual per capita debt in Canada has increased. The reason for this is simple. In the past decade the Bank of Canada has seen fit to lower interest rates to non-existent levels. Consumers receive no interest revenue on their savings accounts and RRSP’s - while at the same time bank fees have skyrocketed. Many investors in the past decade were lured into the capital markets because there was no alternative. There they saw their savings vanish through white-collar corruption and fraud. Amazingly a large portion of these funds were invested in foreign and emerging markets. This strategy increased unemployment at home and gave banks healthy bottom lines. Banking executives received large bonuses not because they were innovative and great decision makers, but rather because their cost of funds was “zero”.

Canadians must demand that their retirement savings receive the same protection and return as those guaranteed to public servants. Every Canadian should write the Prime Minister. Oops I forgot, Canada Post workers are on strike. Use email its faster. These Public Servants want more money, job security and pension protection. I would estimate the average Canada Post worker earns $100,000.00 per annum - comprised of a $60,000.00 average annual salary and benefits plus another $40,000.00 for the eventual pension benefit they will be paid when they retire. I demand that we recall the pigeons. Everyone should be demanding an end to the bull-shit and a return to bird droppings.

Pretty simple,
Joseph Pede

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