Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prince Philip

Prince Philip

Philip was completely surprised when the Queen summoned him from the loo
She said my dear Prince there is something for you I wish to do
First wipe your bum, then put on your finest regalia
Please remember to leave not dangling the royal paraphernalia

Times are getting worrisome so I wish to put us in the news
Avoid all profanity and keep your lips away from the expensive booze
Today is your 90th birthday my assassin of so many years
Your unparalleled cunning makes it difficult for me to hold back my loving tears

To you I will confer the title of Lord High Admiral
This to celebrate the great romp we had last month in the cellar of Balmoral
The peasants will applaud this, your Queen’s kind action
Remember Philip to refrain from any and all flagellant extraction

At night’s end we will take to seas as two drunken sailors
Your Queen on top as you carefully position the oxygen inhalers
William and Kate could never comprehend the pleasures of the British throne
The secret to royal bliss are jewels, titles and a nation of stupid drones.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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