Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Weiner

The Weiner

Notorius has become the weiner in the realm of steaming video
A bronco busting episode was carefully crafted for the virtual rodeo
Majestically seated was the weiner in his stenographer’s chair
Naughtily displaying the curls of his pubic hair

Strapped in tight he took command of the clicking mouse
Then positioned the camera at the representative pecker of the house
The request for a video conference made difficult atop the humid mouse pad
The anticipation of waiting made poor weiner extremely sad

Click and click and click some more
A video conference accepted and there appeared his new found whore
Scantily clad she excited the awaiting weiner
Oh my God she avered its Kosher and deliciously cleaner

Clinton iconography looked on with joyful glee
Hilary declared Monica had better lips than who is she
The exasperated keyboard continued to type words of ravenous passion
Weiner declared let us keep this discourse in congressional fashion

Fully erected by the onlooker’s sultry salute
Bare breasted and shaven she displayed her passionate fruit
In all the excitement weiner passed his legislation
At the camera’s other end the vagina gave a standing ovation.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

We needed a weiner to break-up the monotony of war, economic chaos, nuclear fallout, bank fraud and government corruption.

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