Friday, June 3, 2011

A Speech From The Throne

A Speech From The Throne

I stand before you not as your prime minister
But rather as someone much more sinister
My parliament is not a sanctuary of democracy
But rather a workshop bent on destroying the remains of dying theocracies

My power lies within a web of universal deceit
Mighty men have joined hands so that one day humanity will bow at our feet
We answer to no rebellion or claims of conspiracy
Lucifer alone appointed the members of our fraternal kakistocracy

Watch as the world crumbles in agonizing despair
We the anointed are the builders of this global disrepair
Marvel at the cunning you can do nothing about
Fall to your knees in the same manner as a sow muddies her snout

Vote, yes vote to your heart’s content
Know however that the ballot was cast long before the actual event
Our politics are the work of a sorcerer’s tale
Your piety has not the force for this evil to unveil

So I must now end this speech from the throne
Know that our aim is to turn all living carrion into dried-out bone
Our warning to you we are obliged to give
I bid you all a farewell and our actions to forgive – hahaha!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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