Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Philosophical Politics of Stephen Harper

The Conservative National Convention may have set the stage for what is to follow globally. Seldom are profound idiomatic expressions employed to announce national public policy - verbage whose meaning, in fact, may be beyond the literary scope of the average Canadian.

Stephen Harper’s comments were drawn from Yahoo News:

…..forces are rising in the world "that Canada must resist" and that in facing these undefined monsters "strength is not an option, it is a necessity."

"Moral ambiguity, moral equivalence are not options, they are dangerous illusions," he told his party in the otherwise celebratory convention this weekend.

Moral Equivalence

The term originates from a 1906 address by William James entitled The Moral Equivalent of War……The purveyors of the device usually start by believing their side is morally superior. They use history, possibly selectively, to cast the situation as a big-picture struggle against an evil power. This evil could be totalitarianism or genocidal policies or some other ostentatious villainy. They then justify the atrocities of their own side by claiming it to be a lesser evil compared with allowing the evil power to have its own way. These atrocities in this way become acts of good, not evil.

International conflicts are sometimes viewed similarly and interested parties periodically urge both sides to conduct a ceasefire and negotiate their differences. However these negotiations may prove difficult in that both parties in a conflict believe that they are morally superior to the other, and are unwilling to negotiate on basis of moral equivalence.

Moral Ambiguity

Implies a lack of clarity in ethical decision-making. That is, when an issue, situation, or question has moral dimensions or implications, but the decidedly "moral" action to take, is unclear, either due to conflicting principles, ethical systems, or situational perspectives.

Has Stephen Harper announced his departure from the Globalist agenda whose primary mission is totalitarianism and genocide? Moral ambiguity and moral equivalence are born through Machiavellian treachery and employed to justify the unjustifiable. My hunch is that while Harper made this speech to his Delegates, he was in fact addressing his point of view to the Bilderberg participants in Switzerland. His statement also detracts from the Neo-Conservative Bushwellian ideology of the last and prevailing decade.

I will continue to look down from the bleachers and watch Mr. Harper with a ray of hope. Remember, our greatest fear is to fear the monsters that create fear.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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pauly said...

No, it is a religious ideology! Surely you have watched him on the world stage? He is not speaking for Canadians... he is speaking of his own agenda!

I fear a monster who has been voted in by election fraud... because that means he will do anything to further his " moral " agenda.

He left us all to fill in the blanks so that we might do as you do and remain hopeful that he is acting on our behalf. Why are you not questioning just WHO or WHAT he meant in the 17 ambiguous statements he made?

God bless Canada indeed. Putting fear of the unknown is what Republicans did in their false flag wars. This new brand of conservatives (unlike the ones of the past I would vote for) garner support through fear and moral superiority. Not naming the so -called monsters means he can and will fill in the blanks. There was war in those eyes and words.

Wax philosophical and have hope for their agenda in your mind, but I assure you whatever you think Harper is up to, is nothing compared to what he will unleash in these next years. I would come down off the bleachers and look him squarely in the eye if I were you...