Monday, June 6, 2011

The Vasectomy

The Vasectomy

The easiest form of male surrender
Sex without consequences makes for jubilant splendour
How does one prepare for this phallic ritual
One need only dream of sordid sex becoming habitual

Off to the male gynaecologist to get ready
Spreading the legs makes the penis somewhat unsteady
The nurse prepares the family jewels with a foamy lather
The embarrassment evetually turns to nonsensical blather

A big pointed needle is targeted at the scrotum
One false move could shut down an unwary rectum
The doctor sits in place with a knife and clamp
Pray to God you experience no untimely cramp

A little incision marks the spot
A nip and a tuck and then a final knot
The perspiration calms with the stitching complete
Sterility has rendered the sperm extremely discreet

A final accompaniment to the recovery room next door
There lay a host of fallen soldiers as prisoners of war
If I had only known the difference between my dick and my head
The lobotomy would not have felt like a vasectomy instead.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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