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Roman Numerals – DCLXVI

Roman Numerals – DCLXVI

The numerical system of the Roman Empire may in fact hold the secret as to how prophecy will be fulfilled. How many of you know that the original Roman numerals D, C, L, X, V, I add up to 666 (500 + 100 + 50 + 10 + 5 + 1)? The letter M was a later introduction and not pivotal to the original numerical construction.

I put forward the notion that the “Roman Letters” represent the beginning letter of the cities which will eventually have an impact on Bible prophecy. While Jesus existed as the Son of Man, Emperor Constantine was to fulfil his role as the Editor of Man in CCCXXV.

D = Damascus
C = Cairo
L = London
X = Xian
V = Vatican
I = Israel

Added: July 5, 2011 to explain the importance of Xian

This is where the Terracotta Soldiers were excavated. The ancient Chinese cast an army in plaster to warn future generations of the impending danger to China and the world. It may also be a sign that China is well prepared for global conflict.

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Joseph Pede

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