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Can A Canadian Prime Minister Be Removed From Office?

Can A Canadian Prime Minister Be Removed From Office?

Going forward, this is the key and critical question which must be answered for all Canadians. The latest fighter jet debacle exposes a Prime Minister who knowingly defrauded the public purse of $10 Billion. The average Canadian earns approximately $44,000 per annum and our true unemployment rate approximates 10%. Ten billion dollars, at the minimum wage rate, would employ 500,000 Canadians for a one-year period. Would that not be a boost to Canadian economy?

We have allowed Conservative Members of this Parliament to pursue illegal lobbying activity (Jaffer and Paradis), perpetuate murder, war and theft (Harper, McKay in Libya), collude with provincial and municipal authorities to violate citizens’ civil rights (Harper, McGuinty and Blair), blatantly squander an extra $10 billion on a stealth fighter jet which serves no military purpose for Canada (Harper, MacKay and Department of National Defense) and participate in war crimes (Afghanistan and Iraq).

Canadians must seek to define the role of the Prime Minister, set rules for his/her removal and be able to charge such an individual with crimes when such circumstances present themselves. We have allowed thieves and assassins to immunize themselves from the judicial process.

Can a Canadian Prime Minster be impeached?

1. There is currently no method in the Constitutional Act of 1982 which dictates how a Prime Minister can be removed. The Act also doesn't quite define the duties of the Prime Minister of Canada or that the Prime Minister must leave the House of Commons if the governing party has lost confidence. The reason they do so, is based on tradition. However unlike the United States, the Head of State and the Head of Government are NOT one in the same. The Queen of England for all intents and purposes is our Head of State. We are a Monarchy while the United States is a Republic.

The Governor General represents the Queen of England and is therefore our representative. The Prime Minister of Canada is the Head of Government. The person who can remove the Prime Minister or any other Minister within Parliament before an election (other than the legal system) is the Governor General.

2. The role of the Prime Minister is not defined in the constitution, so there is no specific formula for his dishonourable removal from office. However, none is truly necessary, since, as the Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor General…….the Governor General can simply replace him. No Canadian Prime Minister has ever been removed from office for committing a crime, so how and under what circumstances it would occur cannot be known. However, there are several ways that a Prime Minister can be removed from office, or reprimanded for his actions. The Prime Minister's party can force him out of the leadership position, and choose someone else to be leader. If this happens, the incumbent Prime Minister will be replaced with the new party leader.

Either house of Parliament can censure any individual. The result of this can range from a verbal rebuke to expulsion from Parliament or imprisonment. A censure does not remove a Prime Minister from office, though depending on the severity and nature of the censure, I think (which means this isn't a fact) it is possible that the Prime Minister could be removed from office as a result of one, if only because of the political damage to him, or by losing his seat in Parliament.

3. In theory the Prime Minister of Canada or anyone for that matter can be impeached by the House of Commons. The House of Commons retains the power of Impeachment, inherited from the British Parliament, because our constitution states that ours is "similar in principle" to the constitution of Britain…………It should be noted the last person to be impeached in Britain was Henry Dundas in 1806, so the practice has long since come into disuse. It would be very unconventional to say the least for the Canadian Parliament to dig up these old powers and use them, especially against the PM. But in theory it is possible. Though how the procedure would be amended in Canada would need to be negotiated.

What should be very important for Canadians to understand is that an elected Governor General, an elected Senate and a free vote in Parliament by all MP’s would secure a more realistic democracy. In our current format the Governor General is an appointed stooge, elected MP’s serve to enforce the status quo, and Senators serve to enrich the doctrine of cronyism and nepotism.

If a Prime Minister can shut-down (prorogue) Parliament, what would he contemplate next? Never leave such a question unanswered.

Happy Easter and get rid of the queen,
Joseph Pede


Felicia-May Stevenson said...

Interesting post. You answered my question well. Could we get rid of Harper if we needed to?


Anonymous said...

yes it would be nice if we could impeach Harper

Anonymous said...

Haha I was thinking the same thing as you guys ^ Harper is how I ended up here XD

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Can a Canadian Prime minister be Impeached? Thanks to Google, that answer was quite easy to find. The article had Stephen Harper written all over it. What a douche. This is worthy of sharing it to Facebook, so my Canadian friends can read things about this person and weigh out how they feel about him and what the hell he's doing to Canada~

Anonymous said...

Canada impeach Trudeau

Anonymous said...

Well well. Harper seems like a saint compared to the first 30 days of Turdeau.

Funny how people are looking for the answer on how to get rid of him now!

ConcernedforCanada said...

Trudeau is going to destroy Canada and turn us into a 3rd world Country. We need to do something and soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truly said...

What do we all think now? Harper is gone Trudeau promised much delivered irreparable damage and lies to the Canadian People aren't we tired of being made fools of how many coats does one refugee need ? Nice show though, media manipulation. I for one am so disappointed that I actually thought my vote would accomplish the promised changes we all desire.

Anonymous said...

Justin Terdow, yep we are screwed

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for going through the work to post this information, I very much appreciate it.
Quite a few thoughts came to mind after reading older posts regarding the removal of Harper - it has really hit home how this shouldn't be an easy process and only used in the worst of circumstances where Canadians lives and the country of Canada itself is put at severe risk. We MUST have a law put in place where we can remove a PM, not having one is absurd. If our country's, the lives of Canadians, our rights and freedoms, a complete change of our culture or in case of EXTREME economic concerns/abuses/criminal behavior resulting in the vast majority of voters having lost faith in the PM - WE MUST BE ABLE TO REMOVE HIM/HER. Why should we have to wait for however many years this person has left just b.c he/she was elected. They are ELECTED to WORK FOR THE GOOD/WILL OF THE PEOPLE, if they are not and are doing GREAT harm instead, voters must have the right to make him/her step down.
I started researching b.c I believe with all my heart Trudeau has put Canadians in such extreme jeopardy, Harper was nothing compared to this narcissistic buffoon who in my eyes is acting completely recklessly with Canadians security by letting in a group of ppl who cannot be vetted who belong to a group of people who have publicly called war on our very country. I could list a dozen ways he has worked to help such a group and put our lives and futures at risk. It should not be an easy task to oust a PM, but it absolutely IMPERATIVE it be there to use in the event we need it.
If we ever get a fighter in the house willing to stand up to this sociopath, tabling something like this for our country should be an important goal.
Again thank you

Maggie Greenshields said...

The question remains and it is urgent how can Canadian people get rid of j.Tredeau and is there any lawyer out there willing to take this task on for the good of the country.For all who didn't vote for the moron and those that did you must see now it was a mistake and because of what he has destroyed already there must be some way to stop this maniac. I must believe that most of the country sees this and if not we won't have to wait to 2019 our country will fall before the end of 2017. Like Europe our country will be overrun with these illegal terrorist votes he brought into the country and Canadian law will not longer exsist it will be syrian law. This is treason and it is a charge higher than murder and he's doing it right before our very eyes, how can that be? How can this uneducted, unwanted lunatic get away with the ruination of a nation of Canadian people. How is such behavior tolerated by the queen! If nothing else west needs to seperation or there needs to be civil war! I'd rather see this country torn to pieces than have that atrocity hand it over to immigrant heathens. I could die knowing I fought to keep Canada CANADA!

Unknown said...

How did Justin become prime minister is the way his dad did. The young people got stars in their eyes and he promosed them its all about them.
Anyway my question is if we the people collrctrd say 15 million signatures and they where presented to govenor general wpuld he have to give in to our wishes. No lawyers just a presentation of 15 million signatures