Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Newscasters

The Newscasters

Preachers and clerics spread the word of God, but what exactly is the role of the Newscaster? Which hidden agenda or better yet, which god, do they serve? Many prominent news anchors are specifically selected for their charismatic qualities, i.e. their ability to hypnotize the masses.

As important, newscasters must project a persona of trust. In trusting these messengers of misinformation we empower the vicars of surrealism. The vicars, of course, are the globalists.

The mainstream news is nothing more than a mesmerizing attempt to destabilize the rational thinking capabilities of the masses. Newscasters, more than politicians, are the voice of the globalist agenda. They play whatever role necessary to accentuate and propagandize the latest news event. It is in the hyperbole that we linger into conformity.

Newscasters have been involved in transforming some of the greatest crimes in modern history. In fact, they have helped record a falsified history.

The media spin-masters work hand-in-hand with the veiled sinister agenda of the Satanists. The assassination of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and events such as 911, the Libyan and Iraq wars, and so many more acts of globalist terrorism and murder are events which are ultimately left for the media magicians to manipulate – they transform, as do alchemists, “fear and chaos” into a renewed sense of “security and militarism”.

No Newscaster should been given the long-tenured position of mass-hypnotizer. Their skills would be better served peddling cars or insurance. They would better assist Mankind by being present at the frontline of every new war, explaining to the enemy why they became the enemy. The facts would then not require such media distortion.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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