Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where's the Beef?

Where’s The Beef?

Lou Ferrigno is still twitching trying to find the answer to that question. He was hit by a mad cow shortly after Donald Trump “STIR-FIRED” him from the boardroom. Lou is a beefy guy, but what he does not understand is that real bulk is not the by-product of bar-bells and a few steroids. He packed away all that grit, just as the Kings, Queens, Bankers, Politicians and Multi-National CEO’s have stashed away (for themselves I may add) the global wealth. The latter do not pump iron, they make bullets and bars - to either kill or incarcerate you.

After they dispense with the bullets and bars, they reward themselves. Today lady Camilla was honoured by queen Elizabeth. Camilla received the “Dame Grand Cross”. This honour is bestowed by the queen to people who have served the queen or the monarchy. Well Camilla did a great job – she helped get rid of Diana. A pregnant Diana I may add. Imagine, a likely illegitimate ginger Harry and then Dodi’s dudd to top it all off.

Children of European monarchs will soon be receiving their own new honor. It has been christened “Damn the Cross”.

Thank you and get rid of all monarchies,
Joseph Pede

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