Saturday, April 21, 2012

Common Cents

Common Cents

The ultra-rich are prepared to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the purchase of a Renaissance painting, yet they are unable to find the resources to save millions of human lives from hunger and disease. The value of a notable painting of a poor farm girl could feed an entire country. What the ultra-rich appreciate in the art, they dislike in life.

We are prepared, as so-called democracies, to spend billions of dollars to remove unconsciousable dictators from power - only to replace them with an ideology of corporate slavery. Our leaders keep great accounting records on our militaristic-protectionist foreign policy initiatives, but refrain in telling us where the trillions of dollars of stolen money, gold and resources have gone after a crusade has ended.

We have read our history books in an attempt to understand how nation states have arisen from the rubble, and never reflected on the fact that we, as the “commoners”, are the reincarnated rubble. We have helped construct the capitalist systems that have made life better for everyone, only to discover that our political and banking architects have deconstructed the very systems which brought prosperity to all concerned – the monetary system is one of course. Keep buying gold and silver.

We eagerly await the launch of a TV mini-series on the barbaric history of monarchies, thinking that they have been quietly incapacitated. In truth, they have become more powerful and more murderous than ever before. Sadly, we continue to honor these scorpions.

We campaign for our political representatives, applaud their mandates and listen to their glory-filled promises. They repay us by doing exactly what all before them have done – listen to their party leader and forget about us. The leader is the leader of the dearly departed, “us”.

At one time we sat around the kitchen table and appreciated the flavor and aroma of good food. Today, we have a myriad of family structures, many of whom enjoy the fine entrees served by McDonalds, Wendy’s or Burger King. They find more value in “super-sizing” a meal, rather than shopping at the super-market.

At one time we gathered in the living room with friends and family to watch the Ed Sullivan show. Today we have become socially excommunicated misfits - each family member honing his/her craft on video games, internet activity or iPhone texting.

Do you get the picture? I understand film cameras are gone, but I do hope your memories are intact.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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