Saturday, April 14, 2012

TEPCO’s Ill-Fated Fukushima Nuclear Reactors Killing “Japan”

TEPCO’s Ill-Fated Fukushima Nuclear Reactors Killing “Japan”
So Have you heard about Hanford, Oregon?

Japanese BLOGGERS are begging for help, but no one appears to be listening. Media blackouts and international government cover-ups are aiding in Japan’s demise. As the snow caps atop Mount Fuji prematurely melt, so sets the sun on Japan – the once land of the rising sun.

Just 200 miles upstream from composting, bike-riding, green-belting Portland, Oregon, is the largest concentration of nuclear waste in the United States. Built on the banks of the Columbia River in Eastern Washington, Hanford’s reactors have produced enough plutonium to arm much of the America’s nuclear arsenal, including the bomb that devastated Nagasaki in 1945.

On April 15, 2012, a rally will be held in Richland, Washington. Richland is the community that many of the workers involved in the Hanford clean-up call home.

While many pun-dents are pondering how to curb the insatiable appetite of China, Russia, India and South Korea (all dominant BRIC or Asian super-powers), a radio-active cloud of destruction slowly encroaches upon the far-east quadrant of this planet. The radioactive fall-out will rain in disease, death and could provide the ultimate weapon by which Japan, the BRICS and many emerging Asian economies will perish. Zachariah Sitchin’s the “Lost Book of Enki” describes a Fukushima-like event and the demise of Mankind.

While many of us await December 21, 2012, we fail to recognize the significance of the Ides of March 2011. Recently, someone introduced me to what could be classified a mysterious book, entitled “The Arantia Book”. A brief read on the internet emphasized the following:

i) To the extent that a person consents with their free will to want to find God, it leads the person toward a more mature, spiritualized thinking. Through the practice of learning how to follow the inner leadings of ……"God's will"—the individual progresses to greater God consciousness and spiritual growth.

ii) The book says that "mortal man is not an evolutionary accident", and that the purpose of evolution on a planet such as Urantia (Planet Earth) is to produce creatures of "will dignity" that can develop spiritual natures and survive material existence, going on to have eternal spiritual careers.

Well we have failed miserably. Emperor Nero played his violin as he watched Rome burn – Mankind plays the fiddle as He watches free-will perish into the consciousness of evil.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The radioactive cloud gushing out of Fukushima will be harnessed by climate controllers and weather manipulators. We shall see to what extent New Zealand and Australia are impacted by the cloud of death.

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