Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Canadian Penny to Vanish as Plastic Currency Becomes all the Rage

The Canadian Penny to Vanish as Plastic Currency Becomes all the Rage

The demise of copper currency and the advent of a durable plastic polymer $100.00 bill is a sign of times, or is it just a sign? By the end of 2013 Canadian currency will be fully plasticized – the $50, $20, $10 and $5 will be rolled out like saran-wrap. The beaver, Bluenose and caribou nervously await their intended fate. The Loonie and Toonie may once again seek transformation back to plastic. While transmitters are slowly going out of vogue, nanotechnology encased in plastic will have a future for law enforcement and the Globalists. After all, the private club of rape, pillage and steal is not intended for the ordinary peon.

First computers, then cell phones and now plastic currency – will it end any time soon? Not really, "graphene” technology is on the horizon – as thin as paper and as strong as metal. So why are the people we elect, or should I say, the people we think we elect, so interested in where we go and what we do? Because we allow them to do that! No one uses paper currency to any great degree unless you are peddling drugs or you are involved in major black market activity. The real thieves have stolen trillions of dollars by printing it for the banking system or just stealing it, right in front of our eyes. The banks are a global clearing for the aristocratic thieves.

I suggest we forget copper and plastic and move right into gold and silver. Every citizen on this planet should be buying gold and silver. Every ounce of it.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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