Sunday, January 10, 2021

Emergency Broadcast System - Executive Order 13848

My fellow Canadians, I believe what may transpire in the upcoming days will be the most transformative or destructive days in human history. 

I wish only that you PRAY for DONALD J TRUMP and that he once again occupy the White House as the president of the U.S.A. 

First, you must understand than when Antifa anarchists entered the Capitol buildings, U.S. special forces were amongst them. Their main objective was to obtain Nancy Pelosi's laptop and gain vital intelligence against the coup against Donald J Trump and the American people.

Second, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer, Mitch McConnell and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser planned the attack on the Capitol buildings. In fact, yesterday Pelosi attempted a military coup against Trump by meeting with Joints Chief of Staff Chairman General Milley, and attempted to convince him to take out Trump. This act alone is sedition.

Third, it was determined that former FBI Director James Comey revealed specific computer code about the Dominion Voting System to the Chinese to help rig the election. What is not known to the public is that the NSA created special voting ballots that had built-in tracking devices. The NSA knows exactly where each ballot is and its disposition. The actual vote count was 130,000,000 for Donald Trump and approximately 35,000,000 for Joe Biden

Fourth, it is unclear if CIA Director Gina Haspel was captured or killed in Germany when U.S. Special Forces obtained servers proving foreign interference in the U.S. Election.

Fifth, we that know that Arturo D'Elio, a defence contractor employee of Leonardo SpA, located in Italy, gave a sworn deposition of U.S. election tampering - which also confirmed the DNI Radcliff report. 

Finally, if what is happening behinds the scenes is true, President Trump will use the Emergency Broadcast System to invoke Executive Order 13848. What should follow are mass arrests of politicians, judges, media personnel, Hollywood insiders, foreign states-people etc.

The U.S. Military Industrial Complex knows the biological attack (named Covid-19) was China-driven, but assisted by a rogue U.S. and international Cabal to destroy the USA and Western democracies. The rogues in the USA include George Bush, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and many more individuals.

It is unclear if Vladimir Putin will assist Trump in the mass U.S. sedition arrests. If Putin does, you will likely see Iran attacked. Based on a trilateral agreement between the USA, Russia and Israel.

These are the days when everyone should be praying, and asking God to help Donald J Trump. Canadians politicians who are bashing Donald J Trump are traitors.

The Covid lockdowns are simply a means of securing the Canadian border should serious events occur in the USA. Unfortunately, our politicians are continuing the lie and killing Canadians with a toxic vaccine.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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