Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Right to Be in the Age of a Fascist Technocracy

The Right to Be in the Age of a Fascist Technocracy

The Plandemic’s tag-line of “we will do whatever it takes”, and the growing dependence on government-assisted living are not temporary measures. You are acquiescing to a fascist technocracy and allowing them to take complete control of your rights and freedoms. “Stay home, stop the spread”, means to not engage, communicate or make sense of the truth. Everyone is wearing masks, most people are staying home, yet we have unprecedented increases of Covid-19 cases. Can you see the hypocrisy?

You gave up the right to be, when you allowed the unborn, not to become. You are, because two people came together in what was an act of creation. You may call it sex, but it was something more. It would be an oxymoron to believe that creation would revert to an ideology of self-destruction, just as conscious beings would knowingly relinquish their freedoms to accept enslavement, but that is exactly what is taking place. Unfortunately when society is duped into accepting the hallucination of a better world, escape from Alcatraz becomes tremendously difficult. Fear is the predominant emotion they have exorcised into your psyche, now they are working on the concept on hate. They do these things not to protect us, but rather to hide their crimes. Our political leaders are criminals, looking to be rewarded for their sedition.

To believe that Humankind would venture into a Brave New World under the leadership of our criminally-incompetent political leaders, of corporate technocrats who have mastered the art of controlled conflict and genocide, and of religious leaders whose dogma serves to reinforce the gospel of the latter two, would sound insane, but it’s not. This reality is taking place right before our eyes.

Atomic Scientists place the Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to mid-night:

The hard work of undoing the sinister plans of the people you have come to trust cannot be delayed. Leave what you deem to be impossible to overcome to God. The lockdowns and the virus are a fraud, but the determination of the criminals is not.

There is no doubt that a federal election is looming in the landscape. I hope Canadians have come to realize that Liberals, especially Justinian Trudeau, Conservatives and new Democrats are not practical choices for the future of Canada. They all sing from the same hymn book and the end resulte is all the same - COMMUNISM. Until we free ourselves from a demonic pedophile monarchy, matters will only get worse.

Thank you,

Joseph Pede

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