Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Continuing Conundrum of the Embattled Mayor Rob Ford - Hell's Angels?

The Continuing Conundrum of the Embattled Mayor Rob Ford - Hell’s Angels?

You can’t help but feel a little sympathetic towards Mayor Ford. No matter what he does or says it becomes unflattering front page news. The one thing that never makes the front page is the great job he has done for the City of Toronto.

Yesterday the Mayor was questioned about a photo in which he unknowingly appeared with two Hell’s Angels. The public should be aware of a few things before they rush to conclusions. Yes the H.A., as they are also known, does include a criminal element, but you might be surprised to learn that there are many successful business people who are members of the Hell’s Angels. You might be surprised at how many have hob-knobbed with your politicians and attended many of the City’s high profile dinners. You would be more surprised to learn that H.A. members work as management in the City of Toronto. Some have even had successful television programs. Media rarely reports the real news - there are good and bad people in every organization. 

The real Hell’s Angels are Freemasons. I do not say this to be comical but rather to express a truth. They are disciples of Satan. This was proclaimed long ago by one of Freemasonry’s most famous adepts, Albert Pike. Pike’s remains are housed in one of the most infamous Masonic lodges in the world – “The House of the Temple” in Washington D.C.  This same temple has initiated virtually every U.S. president via the 33rd rite (excluding John F Kennedy). The 33rd rite will raise a demon from Hell to accompany a U.S. president when he is inaugurated. Now you know who the real Hell’s Angels are.

But let us put this reality aside and deal with the matter of the Toronto Star. This newspaper should be indicted for stupidity and convicted of heresy. The Toronto Star for months has led an unrelenting attack on Mayor Ford. The Star’s headlines have excluded the criminal and corrupt activities of Ex-Premier McGuinty, Premier Wynne and Prime Minister Harper. These three have defrauded Canadians of billions of dollars, lied and abused the public trust. Does a one-time mishap with crack cocaine merit a Mayoral overthrow? President Barack Hussein Obama was, amongst other things, known to free-base crack cocaine as well as being a high-priced whore for wealthy Caucasian business people. Where does Rob Ford stand amongst these deviant characters?

I would like to know why Toronto Star reporters did not come under the radar of the Metro Toronto Police force when they were monitoring Ford. It is my understanding that police surveillance lasted for almost a year. There appears to be an unholy, unethical and perhaps criminal relationship between the Toronto Star and the Metro Toronto Police Force. How else could one explain how the Toronto Star became so involved and complicit in this matter? The real question is, why were Toronto Star reporters monitoring the Mayor and did they violate his right to privacy?

Apart from the above the Toronto Star endorsed George Smitherman in the 2010 Mayoral race when they knew he had a long history of drug addictions. As recently as September 2013 Smitherman’s husband, Christopher Peloso, who had similar drug issues, went missing and was found in an unhealthy state. His affliction, as far as I know, has never been disclosed.

Let us stop the attacks on Mayor Rob Ford and carry on with the business of making Toronto a world-class City. We already have a world-class Mayor, despite what the media and Masonic organizations have tried to accomplish. Freemasonry must be exposed for what it is – Hell.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Prior to the mayor encountering this latest incident I wrote a Poem entitled “Angels” – it really is quite ironic.

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